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Originally Posted by antcherry88 View Post
30/32 isn't too high for them. It is if it's a constant temperature i.e. no gradient, of course. But as long as there's a cooler area to retreat to it's fine.

My crestie spends 10+ hours a day sitting under a basking spot of 32C. If it was too hot it would move! Judging by this behaviour you'd think it wants it even hotter. If any other lizard species spent a solid 10 hours basking you'd up the temps.

I don't know why people treat crested geckos differently from any other reptile? They need a temperature gradient to thermoregulate and they like to bask under a lamp. The same as nearly every other commonly kept lizard.
Of course they need a gradient...

If your happy at keeping them at that degree then carry on but all it does is stress them.

Crested geckos are nocturnal so therefore they do not bask, even when they sleep, they may be visible in the day but they are not basking.
Youll probably find its sleeping for ten hours not basking.
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