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Alright guys, here with another query. Blitzy's looking a bit thin to my eye, and I can't be 100% sure that she's eating enough, so I weighed both her and Stoick to compare them;
  • Blitz: 1.5yrs - 2yrs old; 60g / 2.10oz
  • Stoick: 6mths 1yr old; 73g / 2.55oz
I'm not sure that Blitz is very well. She seems lethargic, spending lots of time hiding in the moist box, and I don't often see her on the warm side of the viv at night. That said, Stoick spends much more time chasing crickets, whereas Blitz will snap one up if it happens to wander by slowly enough.

I'm probably just being a paranoid worry-wart really, I hope it's just that - but I'd like to be sure, to be on the safe side. I'll weigh them both again in a few days, and if Blitz has lost any more weight, I'll be booking an appointment at Valley Vets.

What do you guys consider a healthy weight for your leo geckos? Is there a standard age-to-weight table somewhere I can refer to?
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