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Default Good books (Amphibians)


Would you be kind enough to recommend the best books relating to amphibians?

I am looking for 2 books, one that covers amphibians and the other that covers RETF.

I appreciate a good book will have lovely price tags but im willing to pay good money for quality books.

Do we have an amphibian Bible as such?

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Old 05-07-2016, 09:30 AM
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Are you looking for books about amphibian biology, or about keeping them?

Chris Matisson's 'Keeping and Breeding Amphibians' as a good general book on hobbyist amphibian husbandry- it is old now, and has a few mistakes, but it's still worth reading. It's out of print, but is available second-hand for less than £5 on Amazon.

Kentwood Wells' 'Ecology and Behaviour of Amphibians' is probably the best book on general amphibian biology.
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Thanks very much.

I will have a look at what you have suggested.

Im interested in the biology, natural habitats and behaviour so I think the above will cover it all.

Thanks again,
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Old 15-07-2016, 10:05 AM
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Elke Zimmerman - Breeding Terrarium Animals, Marc Staniszewski - Amphibians in Captivity, Treefrogs - Devin Edmonds, Popular Tree Frogs - de Vosjoli, Mailloux and Ready, Biology of Amphibians - William Duellman and Linda Trueb, Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry - Kevin Wright and Brent Whitaker
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Old 19-07-2016, 11:51 AM
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Hi, Shameless plug coming,


My brand new book 'Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation' was released last week.

This does cover phibs among the whole 'Bio' side of the hobby.

Plants, substrates, light, feeding, nutrition, cleanliness and so on.

374 pages and hardback

available now from all good reptile/pet stores, online and from the usual online book sellers

It may help you

John Courteney-Smith MRSB.

Arcadia Reptile; Head of Science and Innovation

BRAND NEW BOOK out now. The Elements series; Part 1- FIRE, The Sun, its Use and Replication in Reptile Keeping

Find us on facebook under "Arcadia reptile"
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