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Default Help sexing 2 year old African bullfrog

Hi, I was hoping that someone could help me sex my 2 year old African Bullfrog. I have always assumed that he/she was a male because of the fact that when younger, he/she had a much broader head but now it seems more characteristic of a female from what I've read.

He/she is about 4.5"-5" long but also croaks very occasionally (I usually only hear it once every month or so but also its usually around 3-4AM so I imagine this probably occurs more often without me knowing.) Usually he/she will only call once or twice and then stop. I'm not sure whether or not females call too but I've recorded my frog making loud, deep, rumbling calls. As you can see from pictures, there is also a lot of deep orange coloration around its front legs as well.

I've tried to include pictures to best show features that could help in sexing this frog, so if anyone would like to help a non-frog expert out and give it a good guess I'd be grateful!


PS. I am aware of the big lesion on his back. It was a large wound that was rather serious but has healed up very nicely and is almost good as new!
Also hes pictured in such a small tank right now because its a quarantine tank. He usually resides in a fully planted 36" terrarium with a water section, fogger, and waterfall (also pictured for some inspiration )

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The images obviously didn't work so here's the link:
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Females are known to vocalise, it is a different sound to that of the higher pitched Male, they can also make noises if they are grumpy with you, or longer calls can be heard normally late at night when they are alone,I don’t think there is any concrete evidence of why they do this.. they are known to reply to males calls in captivity so maybe she thinks she can hear a Male in the vicinity. Other keepers have seen it as a sign of contentment.
Some females will display the dark yellow on and around the throat also.
If you couldn’t tell, I would say you have a female for sure and a very pretty one at that!!
Hope this helps.
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Hi! Im not the most experienced... but from what iv seen and researched i would say yours is female.... shes lovely though! Enjoy
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