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Default Advice required for keeping Rana Temporaria

I am setting up a vivarium to keep Rana Temporaria. I seek advice to purchase and set the correct UVB lighting. There seems a vast amount of choice.
I am new to this, any information very gratefully received.
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Some more information and lot of questions.
I have an exo terra 90x45x45 and I am planning on setting it up for my 5 Rana temporaria, I have never set up a terrarium before and I will probably keep two of the smaller frogs in there permanently when the others outgrow it.

I am thinking of using a 5-6% UVB as I have read that the mesh on the top of an exo terra can block some of the UVB. I would prefer one that goes above the terrarium rather than in it.
Does the UVA percentage matter and how does it affect the frogs?
Would a UVB bulb give off heat, if so, should I be worried about it as apparently these frogs overheat very easily in captivity?
Do the exo terra compact tops fit bulbs that are not exo terra?
Could I get an exo terra compact top that is half the width of the terrarium or would it not sit properly?

How would I make a relatively cheap drainage layer, would marbles work?
How is the water removed from a drainage layer without removing everything from the tank?
Can a non-bioactive tank have a drainage layer?
Will a drainage layer work with an exo terra background?
If the tank is not bioactive but has a drainage layer how often would the substrate need to be changed and the drainage layer removed and cleaned?

What vitamin and calcium supplements are best for when they have UVB? And if so, how often and how much. I have been looking at the Repashy ones, but they seem to be very expensive. They currently get Komodo Advanced Nutri-Cal 2-3 times a week.

Are there any species commonly kept in captivity that are like Rana temporaria as there does not seem to be a great deal of information on keeping Rana temporaria in captivity?

I have five frogs in two separate tanks, there are two small ones in an exo terra faunarium and three large ones in a pets-at-home 24 litre fish tank.
The largest is about 4cm and the smallest is about 2 ½-3cm.
The tiny one gets fed daily because it seems to lose weight very easily, the other small one often steals crickets from directly in front of the tiny one and is given crickets about 3 times a week.
The larger frogs will not eat from the feeding tongs and are given crickets every 2-4 days sometimes it takes them a few days to eat (they have carrot in their tank to stop the crickets eating them).

The bigger three are not very active but the smaller two are very active.
They were getting waxworms twice a week but they started refusing the crickets particularly the dusted ones so I stopped offering waxworms.

They have never had UVB.

About a week ago I noticed that the second largest frog had a lump underneath its left eye. The lump was between the mouth and the lower eyelid. I separated it immediately and then the next day it had an identical one on the other side. The other two frogs had also developed the same lumps in the same places seemingly overnight. I put the separated frog back with them as they all had the same lumps.

I started alternating the days the lumpy and healthy frogs were fed to reduce the risk of contamination.

On Tuesday I noticed the tiny frog in the little frog tank had a lump under one eye and I separated the remaining healthy one. I am now trying to prevent all contamination between the frogs with the lumps and the healthy frog.

The tiny frog’s lump was the same as the lumps on the other frogs but is now more of a swelling of the lower eyelid.
The lumps on the second largest frog (the first one I noticed to have the lumps) have gone down a bit but one is still very large. Of the lumps on the largest frog, one has gone down completely but the other seems to have moved slightly further back towards the ear and is now pinky red. One of the lumps on the smallest frog in the big frog tank has gone down but the other is bright red.
What could these lumps be?

I know I have a lot of questions but I would be grateful for any information please!
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