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Default Issues with tub feeding young toads?


I have recently begun tub feeding my young toads and was hoping to get some advice.

I was originally feeding them in their tank but I noticed one suddenly stopped taking food. It also didn't look 'happy' and had gone very dark in colour. I suspected it had eaten some substrate so gave it a few luke warm baths. Thankfully it did eventually pass the earth it had eaten and resumed eating. Trying to help a 1p sized toad do a poo was an interesting experience.

To try and prevent a recurrence I began tub feeding but the same one hasn't taken to it. It will take maybe one or two flies then just start going berserk. Tonight I tried putting it back in its tank and it promptly began taking food again.

This particular little toad is missing one of its feet (been that way since it morphed) so it tends to make misjudged lunges at food quite often.

Any suggestions to calm it down in the tub?

I guess it may adjust in time but given their size they really need to take more food.

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I have been growing on a now very robust rangers toad that arrived in the UK in a travellers backpack

It was a bit larger than yours when it arrived but i felt, as you seem to that i needed to monitor its feeding.

one thing that i have learned over the years of toad keeping, even with the tiny walking toads is, that they are feeders, if they see food they will usually try to eat it, regardless of its size sometimes.

I started off tong feeding it 2nd instar brown house crickets, fruitflies small wax worms and small earthworms. It would munch through these off of the tongs for long periods. I would rest it 2 days a week and really be hands off other than this.

As it grew I increased food item size and started to include other species such as hoppers and dubia roaches.

Mine Rangeri is not a hunter, it will wait until food passes it and then do that typical open mouth stumble forward. Geophagy is a natural provider to life and as long as you are using a natural substrate you should not need to worry. Coir is not a natural substrate and is impossible to digest. Take care.

They grow well and steady and should present little in the way of issues.

I have no issue target feeding, I choose to feed the bulk of my animals some of their food in this way, especially when the feed includes a mineral powder.

You may choose to tong feed as I have until it is grown and you are sure that it can cater for itself, or you may leave it to see how it gets on.

Toads are lifes survivors in the main (if you discount man, disease and pollution from their lives) and they should do quite well if provided for correctly.

Its all quite good fun!
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Thanks, they have both been doing better since I asked. I have persisted with tub feeding but I find I need a different approach for each. This is the two of them - still very small:

The one on the right, which has never been a problem, seems to do best with one fly item at a time. It will typically only eat when they come close so I push the flies closer to speed things up. It doesn't seem to care about the presense of my fingers.

The other on the left, which is the one that's been an issue, needs time to settle after being put in the tub, then I dump a number of flies in with it. After a while it will give chase but it's a slow process. Movement from me or even just a fly touching it will freak it out then it needs time to settle again. As the photo shows it does have a slightly odd stance from a missing foot on the right leg and does struggle with balance a bit as a result.

I was using just earth from the garden (they came from our pond as tadpoles - their parents still live there along with a frog). I have now taken the additional step of sieving it as well. As the image shows it is quite fine and should be safe if I choose to feed them back in their tank.

I have tried feeding things other the fruit flies but so far only micro crickets have worked. Anything else has been too big. I have tried wax worms, earth worms, woodlice, etc. The only other thing they ate were calci worms but these got pooped out whole then they wouldn't touch them again.
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