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trouble feeding, need help

Posted 26-05-2009 at 03:27 PM by ingle
hey me an my gf have had a corn (delila) for a bit now and is so easy and great to look after that we decided top get a pythons. the local reptile place was doing a good offer of on two pythons about 3 yrs old, and a viv, needless to say i got way over excited and bought the lil darlings without properly thinkin about it (my gf was very annoyed to say the least).

wev had them for bout a month (der pablo and shaft) now but they jst dnt seem to wonna eat. tried black mice white mice, an although dey are housed together we do seperate them. i kno cohabiting aint the bets of idea and we are gonna be gettin another viv.we do seperate them wen feedin (or try and feed any way). im js lookin for any advice couse they jst dont seem interested at all, theyv sumtimes strike but i fink its in a defensive way as they never grab hold. wev been makin sure the temp and humidity is rite, and the pet shop (where were houseing the together aswell) said wen there they had fed fine. i think it mite be they jsut havnt setled in properly, cuz i kn pablo is very scared and pretty much spends all the time in the hide not movin much, and his very sketchy and so have tried not to handle them much (he did bite me bt i think thats cuz i js held delila and didnt like her smell, not sure).

Im just lookin for any advice, i kno iv jumped in from havin 1 snake to 3, bt we luv the lil critters and i just want them to feel safe, secure and most of all EAT! so any adivece welcome
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