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Baby Beardie Help !

Posted 02-06-2010 at 03:46 AM by KUnreiner
I bought a baby beardie a few days ago and he's only a few months old. I want to make sure I'm taking the best care possible of my pet.

I was told to feed my beardie 2 crickets 3 times a day. Beardie has maybe ate 6 crickets total in the last 3 days. I've tried giving him a mixed salad made up of collard greens and a little carrot. I've tried giving him pellets soaked in V8 Fruit juice (I was told to do that when I bought him). He wont even go near the salad or pellets. I'm not sure if he's drinking water as well.

Today I tried to give him a cricket but he wouldn't touch it. I'm assuming he's full from the crickets I have fed him. He's only used the washroom once.

My local pet store told me that 2 crickets 3 times a day is way to many for his size.

I would like to know..
- How many to feed him?
- How often to feed him crickets?
- How to get him to eat the salad mixture?
- How to get him to drink water?

Also he doesn't seem that active to me. He seems to like to sleep a lot. Maybe it's because he's in a new environment?

Any information on caring for this little guy is greatly appreciated.
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