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Day before the Trio of Ornate Nile Monitors come.

Posted 20-09-2011 at 09:56 PM by PennyLaneTattooer
I feel like a nervous expecting mother. I have finished the custom built tank for them. It is small but will do for a few months. (5ft long 2 feet wide and 3 ft tall). There is a water pan that is 2ftx2ft. Lots of rocks and about 8in of bedding. 3 hides buried half way under the bedding. This is to mimic tunnels for them. On the cool side of the tank the heat is steady at 87.5 and the humidity is at 80%. On the Hot side the heat is at 110 in the basking spot. The glass swinging doors have been checked and are ready to go. Kiddie pool in the soon to be monitor room is stocked with goldfish and is set up with pumps and beaches with basking lights hanging from the ceiling. Freezer is stocked with frozen pinkies, ground turkey and assorted fish and crawfish. And still every few minutes I will talk over to the tank and rearrange a few rocks and check the heat. I have been waiting for this day for over 2 years now. Excited is not the word lol. This is my first blog Pictures and updates to follow.
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