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Ready for Christmas!!

Posted 23-12-2007 at 10:24 PM by t-bo
This weekend has finalised the christmas preparations for me.

Xmas shopping, all done in one hit on Saturday. Looks like my theory about doing the xmas shopping on the last weekend is correct.... everyone else has done theirs already and town is not too busy.

Xmas food, food and drink shopping all completed today.... this was mayhem, I hate it in the supermarket when its busy... why is everyone so rude and inconsiderate?

Xmas POTM, voting is upand ready.. the...
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The Chrismas "Do"

Posted 16-12-2007 at 04:31 PM by t-bo
Well, was my xmas work do last night. Was pretty cool and I managed not to get paralytic like I normally do.

I work for a Logistics Company, so there were a whole load of hairy arse drivers there and the office staff... once we got to the tables we found paper (pea) shooters, balloon rockets, and various objects that meant our section of the dining hall erupted into complete chaos... we certainly did ourselve proud, I really cant remember being part of anything more chaotic! it was...
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Creator of RFUK - Now Retired.
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