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Leopard Gecko Not Eating, Please Help

Posted 31-12-2017 at 12:12 AM by Zinger5335
Hey everyone. I am a bit worried because one of my leopard geckos has not been eating recently. I can not get her onto a good feeding schedule, so lately the supplements that I have been feeding her have been jumbled up with the other female gecko that she is living with.
When I offer her food, she either licks it or does not acknowledge it completely. She just seems completely uninterested most of the time. Her tail is slightly plump, she does not have stick tail or a very skinny tail or anything. I am very worried that she may develop Metabolic Bone Disease or may die due to starvation. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
Pocus, the female leopard gecko that has not been eating, is currently housed with another female leopard gecko of mine, Hocus. These two are both females and have been sold to me together and have been living with one another for about a year and a half. I have been doing a little research lately, but I can not find any possible reasons why she is not eating. One reason I found is that she could be bullied by Hocus. I know that this is not true because they eat in separate areas of the enclosure most of the time, if they are eating near each other they often take turns, and there are no visible injuries on Pocus or Hocus. Their husbandry is most likely not the problem because if it was, then, Hocus would also not eat.
Currently, I have just started offering Pocus food every day with the supplements calcium, calcium, calcium, and then vitamin and mineral, in that order. It can get very confusing and I am worried that I will mess up my other geckos' feeding schedules. I know that this seems all over the place, but any help is appreciated.
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