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Default Need help and advice - Make-Shift Incubator

I had posted this in the incubator thread but no one seems to have read or replied to it, i really am in need of some proper expert opinions here please.
Anyone who has a good understanding of incubators and the process, and experience with bearded dragon egg incubation.

I was completely caught short with this and its a week till i get paid, so i've put together the best i could with what i had, post is below:

"One of my bearded dragons has layed her first ever clutch, out of 12 eggs only three appeared fertile, and she layed them far earlier than expected so we hadnt managed to put an incubator together. (We thought we had three weeks yet, and i am guessing she had somehow managed to have a sneaky session with one of the boys when i have cleaned the vivariums out!)

I have got an old vivarium that i have cleaned out, and bought a plastic tub to go inside it, the plastic tub is about 3 inches deep with water and has an aquarium heater in it set to 85F, theres two stacks of tiles in the water on which is sat a plastic tub with vermiculite and the tub sits about inch into the water, the vermiculite is about two inches deep, damp (i was told get it wet till you can squeeze it and it sticks together, but doesnt pour out water).

Because of the levels of humidity, i havent closed the lids on the plastic tubs but instead left a centrimetre wide gap along the side to allow air flow, the vivarium doors are closed.

There is condensation on the inside of the large tub, and also out onto the vivarium doors, not really on the inner tub though. Surface temperature of the vermiculite is staying between 83.5 and 85.5F (the aquarium heater seems to be pretty accurate in holding the water temp within a few degrees F and i am using a heat gun to measure surface temperatures)

I know this isnt ideal, but it was the best i could put together at such short notice. What i am wondering, is will it do the job?
Should i be panicking and making a proper incubator or buying one asap?

With only three of the eggs being fertile to begin with i am really anxious about these its the first time i have had eggs to look after and its my females first ever clutch i feel quiet a lot of pressure over it!

I incubated the ones that were infertile, or i now believe were infertile (yellowish brown tint and sand stuck to them and wouldnt brush off, and were half the size of the white ones) but after three days there was no sign of improvement so i have put them in the freezer."


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