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Smile Breeding help and ideas


I have an idea of starting to breed reptiles to sell.

I want to start small and not overload myself and not be able to keep up with the cost of it all then slowly increase the small business.

If anyone could message me with advice on how to start up that would be greatly appreciated. For example, budget but decent snake racks, as i know proper, purpose build ones are so expensive!

Any advice / tips or anything at all will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Not what you want to hear but the reality of the situation is that breeding reptiles can easily become a full time job, rarely does it ever provide a full time income.
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One thing that will inevitably cross your mind is breeding your own feeder animals. I can tell you that for every minute you spend on snakes you'll spend an hour on feeder animals! And then you'll realise that rats are cool wee creatures, multis are fun with their angry stance and bang its nipped you again. And, mice smell awful. Just so's ye know...
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Old 01-03-2017, 06:56 PM
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Sorry, the other thing is, to make money you'll need money. You'll notice that the guys 10 or so years ago were all over the newest royal Python morphs, have dumped them all and are now doing the latest retic morphs, in a couple of years those will be dumped wholesale for the next thing, maybe bloods or GTP morphs, who knows. But if you've got investors, and can get a few high end animals you might stand a chance, but your eye will need to be right on the button when the moment to sell comes. As they say, if you want to be a millionaire from selling snakes, start as a billionaire. All the best
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welcome to the forum

Have you considered buying a used rack? Or building one from wood? Any decent local carpenter/builder can turn your sketched design into a rack as long as you provide some example RUBs and explain the heating system you'll be adding.

Anything else will depend on your current reptile keeping/breeding and business experience ... size of operation you want to start with ... UK, European, or International market? Working with something rare? Risking just one species?

Responsible breeding starts with you being certain that there is demand for the hatchlings.
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