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Talking Leopard Gecko egg problems

First i'll give as much background on the geckos I have as I can.
I've had my male 10 years, he's 70 grams, eats well, sheds well, never needed a vet and is really chill and loves cuddles.
I've had my females 2 years, she was given to me by a friend when she was still quite young so she's probably around 3 at this point, she's 55 grams, she has shedding problems regularly and she's not always up for food but she's never needed a vet and she's a good weight.
They are fed mostly black crickets (dusted in a multi vitamin twice a week) every 2 days, they have wax worm snacks once a week or so. The crickets are kept in a terrarium type tub with bug food and bug water stuff. They have no interest in meal worms, never have.
They have a heat mat with reptile carpet on under the warm hide and they have coco fibre/sphagnum moss wet box in the cooler side.
I put them together in october, so right after breeding season so that they could get used to each other etc before breeding. I caught them breeding in January, which I thought was actually quite early in the year as it was still really cold here in the UK. We got the first 2 eggs early February and they seemed to be doing ok for the first couple of weeks, they were incubating around 32 degrees c, i was using hatchrite in a small plastic container. after a couple of weeks they went soft, floppy and I candled them at this point and they were glowing yellow, there were no veins, no embryo, nothing but incubate until there's no debate, right? about a week later they were both clearly rotting.
So Easter Sunday she lays another egg, by this point I've bought an incubator and have it set to 29c with hatchrite in the tubs that came with the incubator, Easter Monday she lays the second so that goes in the incubator as well. So today I checked on them and again they've deflated and gone soft, candled them and again there's nothing, they're glowing yellow and there's no vein, no target area where the embryo would be, nothing. I'm marking them before taking them out of the nest box so they don't get rolled but there doesn't seem to be anything to roll.

I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if there's a gecko problem. Any advice would be really appreciated.
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