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Default Checking a Hognose has passed slugs

Hi, I was looking for a quick bit of advice. I've been a little concerned about my 7yr old plains hognose due to her acting extremely defensive the last few months. The concern was due to the fact last time she was acting like that was when she was in a lot of pain due to infected scent glands a few years back. She eventually had to have surgery to remove one that ruptured, though the vet wasn't able to take the other one out at that time. I've been checking her tail in case the remaining gland was infected again but not seeing any suspicious swelling.

I had been considering some other reasons for the behaviour change and had noticed that she had been unusually active during breeding season, was extremely hungry and had two shed cycles within a few weeks of each other. While she hasn't been paired with a male, I had wondered if she was building an infertile clutch of eggs and the hormones involved were causing the behaviour. It seems to have been confirmed as she's just pooped and passed a slug egg at the same time.

I've put her humid hide in the viv to help encourage her to pass any more she might have but was wondering if there's anything else I need to do? She's quite slim and as she wasn't bred, then i'm assuming there won't be many eggs (it might be she just had the one). I have seen videos of breeders who feel their breeding snakes to check they've passed all the eggs and aren't egg bound, is that something I should do? And if so, where should I feel and what am I feeling for?
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First off, she isn't a plains hognose. A revision of Heterodon nasicus removed the three subspecies, with two no longer recognised and the third (kennerlyi) elevated to full species status. So you have a western.

With the eggs, just run your hand along the underside of the snake. If you feel any hard lumps then there's a chance she hasn't passed them all.
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