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Old 25-05-2008, 03:56 PM
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Default trying to make a incubator

right, i am in desperate need of an incubator! is it possible to incubate different species within on bator?? i think my cwds need a temp of 29c, my leo torts need 28-31c and my royal pythons at around 30c . please correct me if iam wrong on any of them! so is it possible to creat a system that can accomodate all of the eggs together ( in seperate boxes)? what will be the most reliable and stable method that is big enough for my needs?
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Old 25-05-2008, 04:24 PM
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If they are approximately the same temp then yes

I have different eggs in the same incubator, just n seperate shelves and each clutch is in it's own box anyway as I have 7 different clutches in there.

Although mine are all lizards; Leo Geckos and Beardies but I should imagine your Lizards, Chelonians and snakes should be fine.
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It all depends on the size of the incubator and the way it is heated to be honest.If you set it correctly then you can incubate the lower temps at the bottom of the bator with the higher temps at the top.To be on the safe side though i would go with seperate incubators.Why risk losing all 3 species incubating at different temps when you can use and stack 3 seperate poly boxes.One for each species.Just my opinion but i now have 2 poly boxes setup differently and 2 frdge type incubators set up differently just to make sure that i can concentrate each incubator on the species they are incubating.

It takes away a lot of the worry and leaves very little to guess work IMHO
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