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Default Day Geckos

I have just set up a virium with a pair of gaint day geckos and am pretty sure the female is looky to lay her eggs quite soon.

As ive spent quite a bit on the set up im not sure when to be getting an incubator.

Is it ok to wait till they lay the eggs or should i have one working now?

The female is sticking her head in the end of a bambbo quite a lot today for the first time.

Also i have read that you need to wait for the eggs to be hard before i can touch them is that right and how long should that take.

Also how long till she would lay more eggs?


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hiya!!, female giant day geckos will lay there eggs (not stick them) in an area that is chosen buy the female when shes ready to lay in the viv and then she will roll them between her back feet until each of the normaly 2 eggs is round and hard this takes around 40 mins to do , they will then leave them to hatch on there own , i would do a few things...cut the bamboo poles you have in half horizontaly down the middle with a band saw or simler, clean them of any obstructions and then place an empti kitchen towle tube inside it and then tie the bamboo back together again around the tube, use elastic bands if neede or garden twine ..this way when she lays her eggs inside this the tube can simply be removed and the eggs carefully taken out of the card board tube with no problems !!! ready to incubate them., the second thing is to get some plants with large leaves like mother in laws tounge ..very good plant for phelsuma to lay in or birds nest frens..eggs are normaly deposited right at the bottom of the leaves!!!, and easy to remove again !!...its also essential the eggs dont come into direct cotact with water in any way but need high humidity too hatch so they dont dehydrate and die, what i do with my phelsuma eggs when i find them is to take a sandwich sized tupaware tub, i dont use an incubator but the same things below would apply(get one if you want its a good preperation!!) damp down some vermicuite and squeeze out all the water as much as poss - once its soaked for a few mins....pat it down with kitchen towle to remove any exsess water remaining and then fluff it up with your fingers and level out with your hand in the tupaware tub or incubator ..get a small peice if plastic egg crate cut to size and place on top of this vermiculite but so that its sitting above it not in it, this is a great way to rest the eggs so they dont roll around or easier still as they are the size of a small marble you can use a small milk bottle lid with some dry sponge in it with an indent cut in it to hold the eggs still again so they doesnt roll aground when moved.... be careull to keep the egg in the exsact same way they were found..dont twist or turn them when moving to the tub or you may upsett the embrio or kill it!, i then place the tub in a warm area in my rep room out of harms way like inside the viv itself (or use the incubator ..but be awre its not to warm an area...or temos will be off.....i will open the tub for a few second every week and waft fresh air over alow new air in and gasses from the eggs out ,but only for a few i dont want to loose the humidity inside the tub ...if she has placed the eggs in the viv so somewhere un reachable use a plastic disposable cup and stick some damp moss sqeezed out again in the end of it and then place over the eggs as best as poss, stick cup over them fixed with tape.. to protect them and help with the humidity( if you can ) check the eggs every so often and make sure the moss isnt touching the eggs and all is ok .they will hatch within about 60 to 65 days if its a phelsuma.madagascariensis.grandis or......
62-66 days if it is a "phelsuma.madagascariensis.madagascariensis"
if kept at aound 25-26 degrees celcius ..with a small night time drop for better strenth of the young but this isnt nessasary in an incubator...dont keep the babies together with the adult when they hatch or she will have them for tea !!!, the female will generaly lay again in 25 to 30 days be aware of this as they are able to retain sperm .!!! good luck..i would recomend getting a hep nersary 2 or simler or use the old fashioned way with the tub..and the book called the proffesional breeders series of day geckos its about 22 pounds on ebay or amazon ..great book!!!..fingers crossed for you !!
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