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Default corn snake breeders, lil advice please?

hi there

i'm looking at breeding corns in the future and just want to ask a few questions and get some people opinions.

firstly, i've got a few books and have been readin around in the net, is it as easy as they all say? get a male and a female of appropriate age/weight/length and thats it?
i have got a rack for my leopard geckos, will b makin a proper one for the corns wen i have the money lol
can it b the same as a leopard gecko rack in the way of usin tubs with less height than the adult tubs or do they need to be th same?
can ppl post pics of their breedin set-ups?
is there anywhere,books or net, that will tell me abt genetics,i.e: breedin morph to morph/recessive and dominant, hets etc?

thnks for your time

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Its often pretty simple, although my lot seem to be keeping the eggs from me right now lol.. I have some, but not as many as planned just yet.
They are happy to live in racking systems, my adults go to 33L boxes, similar to rubs but a cheaper version.
There are loads of books about, morph wise a guy called chuck pretzil (sp) does one every year, or you can find him on the yankie forums.
There is also many pages of info on here, and a genetics section asking lots too.

Cornmorphs on youtube :-

Latest youtube vid:-24th may 2012
Goldust bloodreds and more hatching..

2012 corns for sale.. many many morphs

adult corns for sale
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Charles Pritzel, Cornsnake Morph Guide

Kathy Love, Corn Snakes: the comprehensive owner's guide

Those are the books of choice.

The Corn Calculator - Corn snake genetics prediction has genetics help, too.

It takes more than just putting a male and female together. Photoperiod, a day/night temperature cycle, good nutrition, and a winter cold period all help to prepare them for the spring breeding season.
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