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Old 27-03-2012, 09:17 PM
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Default Another one for the Leopard Gecko Experts...

So, I’ve kind realised I’m too late in the season to find an Adult male Blizzard and have mating and eggs this year, however I have 1, maybe 2 eggs on reserve that are due to hatch in the next few weeks, one incubated for male, one for female - unrelated but both Blizzard.

Anyway, I have also reserved a Leucistic Leopard Gecko from a local pet shop today as well, and I would like to know the difference between Blizzard and Leucistic, because Google thinks they are the same…but when I called the place before and asked specifically for Blizzard they said they didn’t have any but the guy said they had Albino, and then he put a different guy one who said that guy was a idiot and that they had Leucistic…HELP? I reserved it regardless because they are a gorgeous morph =]
And also I guess £50 is about standard for a Leucistic…?

I was also refused sale of a Mack Snow from Pets at Home today because, I sexed it myself and they instantly thought I was going to breed from him, even though he's not compatible with my Blizzard and Het Blizzard Females, which I explained, I just wanted to know what he was...I just wanted him because he was pretty and I have a spare vivarium...needless to say they had no idea what morph he was or how to sex or even properly hold him, I could do that job in my sleep and they didn't take me on, now I'm stuck selling chocolate for a 'living'. I even sent the girl I work with down there to get him for me later and they refused her sale because she lived more than half an hour have heating...not like he would get cold, and it was boiling hot today anyway. I flippin' transported my normal female nearly 2 hours in the car and she's 13 now so...I don't like Pets at Home anymore....oh and they also sold me a female 'MALE' Bearded Dragon when I was in Somerset 2 months ago, and I travelled 3 and a half hours back with her on my shoulder in the car, and I told the guy how far we had to go, but he was fine with it....that was cool of him. I guess the people down South are just smarter.

Anyway, I digress, please help with the Leucistic/////Blizzard/////Albino conundrum if you can =]
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Old 27-03-2012, 10:02 PM
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leucistic can be used for blizzard and murphys patterneless leos. its an old name thats not really used now though?

never seen it used on albinos tbh.

the mack snow would have been fine to breed to a blizzard, you`ve have got half normals het blizzard and half mack snows het blizzard.
so you could have bred some nice combo morphs further down the line.....

i`d expect to pay about £30 for a murphys and an albino.
maybe £35 for a blizzard hatchling
and a bit more for older ones
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Old 30-03-2012, 09:42 PM
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It`s not too late in the season to find your male by any means - even if it takes a month to find one, and the obligatory 3 months quarantine, then you`ll only be looking at the end of July, and you could be producing eggs.

Although many ppl have eggs and babies already, it`s still VERY early in a season that can run all the way through to November - keep looking for that male
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Take a look at - Available page and advice on Care, Breeding and Incubation.

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Old 31-03-2012, 02:42 PM
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Leucistic is usually used to describe "Murphys Patternless", I have never seen anyone call a blizzard Leucistic.

Have a look on the leopard gecko wiki.

Both Murphy Patternless and Blizzards are patternless but they are different genes. Albino is completely different.
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Old 06-04-2012, 10:47 AM
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I think that some people in the US refer to blizzards as leucistic ?
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