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Default Virtual Tour Of Coast to Coast Exotics

Virtual Tour of Coast to Coast Exotics – Darlington (North East of England)

For a full and photo heavy version of this please follow the link

Virtual Tour of Coast to Coast Exotics in Darlington

Since its inception in the early 90’s Coast to Coast Exotics has changed many times, having had over a dozen complete refurbishments / expansions and countless minor changes and updates. It has always kept ahead of the field, hardly surprising as its one of the UK’s original exotic animals stores, and one of a handful still trading today.

We have always aimed to provide a great experience when visiting, others have called us trend setting! If you have not visited us recently, or even at all perhaps its time to visit us to see what makes us stand out from the crowd of exotic animal stores – 2015 is after all our 22nd anniversary and we have worked hard to complete yet another refurb over the last couple of years! In a brief nut shell we have over 130 enclosures varying from hatchling size through to small, medium, large and room size! With a massive choice of terrifically unusual and more common exotic animals!

The familiar Coast to Coast Exotics orange exterior façade greets the visitor – you cannot miss this shop on the busy main drag into Darlington – A167 North Road. The new contemporary style blends the old with the new – It’s still the familiar orange and black of Coast to Coast Exotics but in an eye catching modern twist. The window graphics make the best of the window enclosures that can be viewed from the exterior and the interior, including our popular meerkat exhibit.

Taking a step into the shop from the main street takes you into an exciting realm for the exotic animal lover – the main shop floor area is modern, airy and well lit – but complimented by one of our trademarks of many years, a fully planted artificial rainforest canopy covering the whole of the ceiling. The vast majority of the vivaria are Herp-tek resin vivaria as used by professionals the world over, these vivaria are the best choice for those putting animal care and well being high as a priority – hygiene is of outmost importance! There is also a huge display of equipment (décor, bowls, hides, artificial plants, supplements, dried foods etc) on modern supermarket style shelving from all the major brands such as Lucky Reptile, Exo Terra, Reptile One, Komodo and many more. The counter now has a large wraparound display of Microclimate thermostats, the leading thermostat and reptile heater manufacturer in the UK, along with books and a selection of trinkets, gifts, toys and other tempting goodies. A state of the art computer Epos till resides here too – this looks after our very popular loyalty scheme and ensures our stock control is more or less perfect as well as relieving you of your pennies!!

Even in the main shop floor area we have themed areas (as well as our separate themed areas – the place is full of surprises with more to see just around the corner). The first themed area on the shop floor is the tropical amphibian area built into the counter. Here you will find a great selection of amphibians that prefer things a little warmer, all housed in easy to keep clean correctly heated and lit glass terraria. Another themed area is twinned with this and is based upon cool amphibia – the temperature in this area is maintained at a perfect temperature for cooler loving amphibian with temperature controlled air conditioning for the warmer months. A very popular themed area on the main shop floor area is the spider and invertebrates – a large rack with around 50 small vivaria specifically for a massive range of creepy crawlies. The UK has seen something of an explosion of interest in those easy to manage creatures that require easy and cheap maintenance without demanding much space in the home.

Yet another rack forms our hatchling themed area, this time for hatchling snakes – holding around 60 small vivaria housing anything from small hatchlings like Corn snakes right up to larger ones such as Ball pythons. In the centre of the main shop floor is an example of an easy to build natural terraria – this serves two purposes, one to showcase the off the shelf products that make terrascaping easy and two to make visitors aware of our more indepth natural terraria department called the Secret Garden (more of that later!).

Don’t forget to look at the large room size enclosures with exciting species such as Rhinoceros Iguanas!

To the rear of the store a section for the smaller species of exotic mammals such as Pygmy Hedgehogs can be found, along with more décor products that hang on rather nice hanging displays. Oh, and a selection of pre-packed and bag your own substrates. But more importantly this takes us to one of the themed areas we have been busy with over the last couple of years – the jungle room. Here a selection of glass terraria and bespoke large vivaria display all kinds of species that can be regarded as tropical rainforest dwellers. A particular crowd pleaser in here are the Caiman lizards. You will also find a huge selection of heaters, lighting, reflectors, thermostats and other electrical equipment. Oh, and a large amount of artificial jungle style plants. Leading from the jungle room is the desert room – there is a stark contrast from the rich coloured woodwork of the jungle room to the sun bleached woodwork of the desert room! In the desert room a fantastic selection of scrubland and desert species can be found, along with a great selection of wooden and glass vivaria for you to take home that day and yet more heating, lighting and other décor products. Whilst in here take a look at our venomous Beaded lizards, full size adults that are quite spectacular!

To the right hand side of the main shop floor is yet another themed area – take a look, its dark, the large vivarium dominating the room has gothic arches to its windows, the vivariums are lit with moonlighting fluorescent tubes and the ceiling looks like a beamed church roof! All this kind of gothic tomfoolery can only mean one thing – our nocturnal room! Here there are yet more resin professional vivaria housing all manner of crepuscular and nocturnal species – the large vivarium houses a young adult Dwarf Caiman. As with all the vivaria in this room the photoperiod is reversed so the activity levels of the animals is increased artificially when you visit!

Carry on through the nocturnal room leads you to our latest expansion – and again the signature orange and black returns! You are now entering the Secret Garden – our natural terraria department, one of the first (if not the first) such department in the UK in an exotic animal store. A large “living wall” of air plants and bromeliads dominates, these are for sale to decorate your own natural terraria. Before and after entering the Secret Garden you will find a great selection of glass terraria, mister systems, décor such as seed pods, dried leaves etc, and other essentials to building and maintaining a natural terrarium. Then it hits you! The huge amount of fully planted, living slices of jungle and desert in the form of our showcase naturally planted terraria. There are sixteen of them, all with a slightly (or vastly) different take on a natural terrarium. This is designed to wet your appetite in either building your own, or ordering a bespoke terrarium from ourselves for your living room. These are incredibly beautiful, and some people like to have them just for the plants, with no animals at all! To compliment all of this we have a huge selection of ever changing real, living plants for sale – probably the largest choice in an exotic animal store in the UK. Hence we have now morphed into Coast to Coast Exotic Animal and Plant specialist!

We are proud of what we have achieved over the years, and would like to thank all our customers old and new for their help and support along the way. We have yet more plans for the future, but for now you are all cordially invited to visit the new and re-invented Coast to Coast Exotics – Animal and Plant Specialist!
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