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Default August Animal Stocklist

Lots of new animals in this month, as ever some animals do sell quickly so please remember to contact the shop to check availabilities!

If there is anything you are looking for and can’t find please just ask and we will search for it for you!

Don’t forget we are always looking for good quality captive bred stock, contact us with details!
If you want to see pictures of the stock find us on Facebook!

Current 1st August 2015

Snakes PRICE

Boas and Pythons (Boidae)
Coastal Rosy Boa CB (Lichanura trivirgata roseofusca) Gorgeous small species of snake! £89.95
Common Boa CB (Boa constrictor sp.) Gorgeous locally bred youngsters! £79.95
Royal Python CB het Orange Ghost Royal Python. Gorgeous little babies, and some quite unusual marked ones too! £65
Male Het Clown Royal Python CB (Python regius) Extremely well grown on, potential pair with below! 830g. Slight scarring on body. £75
Sub-Adult Female Royal Python CB (Python regius) Great sized females, either for potential breeders or a nice sized pet. 1400g £120
Royal Python het Albino. CB14 Great way of getting the albino gene into your breeding projects! Males and females available £120
Baby Royal Python CB14 Normal colour phase. Great pet species! Limited amounts £65
Royal Python Double het Lavender and piebald CB14, fantastic genes for a breeding project! One male only. £165
Proven male Orange Ghost Royal Python CB (P. regius) gorgeous young male. 840g £175
Calico Royal Python CB (Python regius) one male left in stock! £220 new lower price

RATSNAKES (Elaphe and related)

Corn snakes and Corn Hybrids;
Adult Anerytheristic Corn Snake CB Great as a pet or a future breeder! Male! £59.95
Adult Carolina Corn Snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus) a nice mixture of sizes and shades! £59.95
Adult Amel Corn Snakes, gorgeous oranges! Males and females available. £59.95
Fantasy Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus x P. obsoleta) grow into a large and stocky looking corn snake! £39.95
Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake CB14 Stunning contrasts between orange and white! £49.95
amelanistic corn Snake CB14 Beautiful Orange examples! £34.95
Ghost Corn Snake CB14 Stunning little snakes! £39.99
Carolina Het Hypo/Lavender Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Great chance to get the lavender genes into your breeding program. CB14 £34.95
Sub adult Pearl Corn Snake CtCB (P.guttatus x P. obsoletus) Corn crossed with a leucistic texas rat snake, these are fantastic coloured snakes! Last few! £79.95
Sub Adult Anery partial banded corn snake CB (P. guttatus) very unusual patterned snake. £120
Grown on Mega Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus X P. emoryi) Rootbeers ready now, great stocky snakes as adults! £34.95
Jungle Rootbeer Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus x L. getulus x P. emoryi) What can I say a fantastic mixture of genes and beautiful snakes! £49.95
Fantasy Jungle Rootbeer Corn Snake CB (Pantherophis guttatus x emoryi x obsoleta x L. getula) A real mix of genes, interesting snake locally bred….. £59.95
Anery Corn Snake Beautiful locally bred babies! £34.95
Carolina Corn Snake CB15 locally bred babies £34.95
Ghost motley/stripe Corn Snake CB15 fantastically marked snake! £44.95
Hypo Corn Snake CB15 locally bred babies, beautiful examples £34.95

Mandarin Rat snake CB (Euprepiophis mandarinus) Gorgeous CB youngster! £150
Grey X Yellow Rat snake CB (Pantherophis obsoleta quadrivvittata x spilotes) Fantastic large, handle able snake! Great for a show piece or just a nice pet! £79.95


Adult Hypo Speckled Kingsnakes CB (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki) Rarely offered snakes, fantastic opportunity! One male available! £60 lower prices
Adult Albino Prairie Kingsnake CB (Lampropeltis calligaster) fantastic small species of king snake, one male available, cycled and ready to breed! £75 lower prices
Adult Coastal Abharent Californian King Snake CB (L. getulus californiae) well started! Females. £40 new lower prices!

Western Hognose Snake CB (Heterodon nasicus) Nicely grown on CB14 youngsters. Males and females available £89.95
Hypo house snake CB (Lamoprophis capensis) Nicely grown on youngsters, nice mellow colours! £69.95
Phillip’s Sand Racer LTC (Psammophis phillipsi) Fantastic, fast rear fanged snake. Great display snake and way past the finicky eating stage some psammophis can have! £59.95
False Water Cobra CB (Hydrodynastes gigas) Extremely well grown on males. £185
Chequered X Red Sided Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis marcianus x T. parietalis) gorgeous little babies! £29.95
Madagascan Golden Hognose LTC (Leiheterodon modestus) Adult settled pair available, fantastic opportunity to get hold of LTC adults! £550 the pair
Bull Snake CtCB (Pituophis catenifer sayi) Fantastic huffy little youngsters, great chunky display snake as adults! £39.95
Lake Quitzeo Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis eques cuitzeoensis) Gorgeous babies of this rarely offered species. Pair available. £79.95 each
£140 the pair
Tricolour hognose CB (Lystrophis pulcher) I love these guys, they are stunning! Only males left in stock! £175
Green Phase Western Hognose Snake CB (Heterodon nasicus) Nicely grown on snakes of this sought after morph! £150
Hatchling albino hognose CB (Heterodon nasicus) Babies of these stunning snakes! £165
Olive House Snake CB ‘hobby’ olives, UK Bred last one of the beautiful babies! £49.95
Adult Mexican Black Bellied Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis melanogaster canescens) young proven pair available, rarely offered for sale. £85 each
£155 the pair

GECKOS (Geckonidae)

Leopard geckos;

Albino Leopard Gecko CB15 Gorgeous babies! £34.95
Baby Leopard Gecko CB15 Gorgeous brightly marked youngsters! Good mix of colours! £29.95
Female Leopard Gecko CB (Eublepharis macularius) Nice sized Hypo females. £59.95

Other Geckos;
Tokay Gecko WC (Gekko gecko) Nice sized, the pit bull of the gecko world, but the most beautiful gecko you’ll ever see, females available £24.95
subAdult male Hi-Red Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus) Gorgeous when he fires up! £69.95
Sub Adult male Harlequin Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus) Not quite adult but almost. Very pretty! £59.95
Juvenile Hi-Red Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus) Past the delicate size now! £54.95
African fat tail gecko CB (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) Young females a nice mixture of colours! £89.95
Baby Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus) Beautiful youngsters – nice mixture of colours available! £49.95
Standing’s Day gecko CB (Phelsuma standingi) Bred from our adult pair, these babies are ultra cute!!! £59.95
Frog Eyed Wonder Gecko WC (Teratoscincus roborowski) Why doesn’t more people try to breed Wonder Geckos, they are a fascinating family of geckos! £34.95
Striped Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) CB Not had them for a while, nice chunky babies! £69.95
Adult male Buckskin Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus) Not quite adult but almost £49.95
Standing’s Day gecko CB (Phelsuma standingi) Stunning large species of day gecko! Nice change to Giant Day Geckos! £59.95 males
£69.95 females
Golden gecko LTC (Gekko ulikovski) Fantastic looking species for all you Tokay Lovers! £17.95
Bauer’s Chameleon Gecko CB (Eurydactylus agricolae) A nice change for Rhacodactylus keepers as this is another New Caledonian Species! One young male available! £195

SKINKS (Scincidae)

Giant Hispanolian Galliwasp CB (Celestus warreni) Rarely offered species! CtCB Babies, available soon enquire! £95
Berber Skink (Eumeces schneideri) Adult male, lovely and tame already! £34.95

Giant Hispanolian Galliwasp CB (Celestus warreni) Rarely offered species! Adult male available. £120

AGAMIDS (Agamidae)
Asian Water Dragon CF (Physignathus cocincinus) Gorgeous green lizards, tame down really well £34.95
Baby Bearded Dragon CB (Pogona vitticeps) Locally bred perfect babies. £39.95
Australian water dragon CB (Physignathus leseuri) Hard to source youngsters, in stock again but very limited amounts! £195
Moroccan Uromastyx CB (Uromastyx acanthinurus) Gorgeous vegetarian lizards. Hard to source these days! Sub adults. £250
Beaver Tail False Uromastyx CB11 (Xenogama batilifera) Adult female available! fantastic opportunity to breed something other than bearded dragons! £100
New lower price!

IGUANIDS (Iguanidae)

Collared Lizard CB15 (Crotaphytus sp.) Fantastic locally bred youngsters, growing well and already tame and gorgeous! £39.95
Desert Horny Toad WC (Phrynosoma platyrhinos) Adult male, eating extremely well! £49.95
Western Collared Lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) gorgeous young male, £39.95
Brown Basilisk WC (Basiliscus vittatus) Gorgeous young basilisks! £29.95
Green Anole LTC (Anolis caroliensis) Fantastic display animals for planted vivariums! £10.95
Plumed Basilisk CF (Basiliscus plumifrons) half grown youngsters, potential pair available of this fantastic display lizard! £49.95 each
Big Headed Anole LTC (Anolis cybotes) A great change in the planted vivs for all you anole keepers out there, a big bigger and more boisterous than the greens and browns! Pair available and breeding as we speak! £24.95 each.
£45 the pair.
Club Tailed Iguana CB (Ctenosaura quinquecarinata) Has a deformity on its foot due to a healed injury, but perfectly healthy and would make a fantastic captive for a rocky display vivarium! £69.99
Brown anole LTC (Norops [Anolis] sagrei) As above but get a little stockier, and look cuter when they display at each other! Settled and breeding trio available £11.95 each
£30 the trio.
Eastern Fence Lizard LTC (Sceloporus undulatus) A nice species to keep in a smaller vivarium, one female available!! £24.95
Jewelled Curly Tail Lizard LTC (Leiocephalus personatus) The males of this species are absolutely gorgeous! £24.95


Yemen Chameleon CB (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Nicely grown on youngsters, males and females available. £79.95


Scheltopusik CB (Pseudopus apodus) Rarely offered. Giant European Legless Lizards, group available! £140 each
£300 the group
Giant Plated Lizard LTC (Gerrhosaurus major) Fantastic large pet species!`` £49.95 each
£85 for 2
Peter’s Ornate Keeled Cordylid LTC (Tracheloptychus petersi) Now these really are a pretty and rarely offered lizard! Potential pair available, £59.95 each
£100 for 2
Madieran Lizard CB (Teira dugesi) 1 left available! available of these lizards, never had them before look like a Teiid (Tegu) crossed with a lacerta! £79.95

Italian Ruin Lizard CB12 (Podarcis sicula) Always popular and no wonder they are beautiful! Not very commonly offered in the hobby nowadays! Female. £59.95

Caiman Lizard CB (Dracaena guianensis)Growing exceptionally well at the minute on snails, pop down and have a look, a rarely offered lizard! Both feeding on rodents as well now!! £1250 each.

Adult male Herman’s Tortoise CB (Testudo hermanni) Fantastic chance to get new males for breeding or perhaps an adult tortoise to miss out on the smaller enclosures! £165
Horsfield’s Tortoise CB (Agrionemys horsfieldi) gorgeous babies! £120
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INVERTS AND SPIDERS (we can mail order inverts and spiders, call on 01325 283756)

Tarantulas and spiders (Note: Breeders we often have male tarantulas of listed species available at cheaper prices please enquire).

Pink Toe Tarantula Slings CB (Avicularia sp. ‘guyana’) 1-2 cm at the minute £6.99
Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula CB (Aphonopelma seemani) 2” at the minute. Blue form £39.95
Cobalt Blue Tarantula CB (Haplompelma lividum) Nicely sized, and surprisingly nice natured for a Cobalt! £34.95
Green Bottle Blue Tarantula CB (Chromatopelma cyanopubescens) Sub Adult! Gorgeous! £49.99
Mexican Pink Tarantula CB (Brachypelma klassi) Subtle and gorgeous! £34.95
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula CB (Brachypelma smithi) 1.5-2” nicely sized spiders £34.95
Chile Goldburst Tarantula WC (Paraphysa parvula) Nice small species of tarantula £24.95
Guyana Pink Toe Tarantula WC (Avicularia ‘avicularia’) Great species, as long as you can cope with the jumping! £19.99
Regal Jumping Spider CB (Phidippus regius) One of my favourite spiders! The jumping spiders are sooooo cute! £29.99
Indian Violet Tarantula CB (Chilobrachys fimbratus) Around 1.5-2” at the minute. Fantastic Webbers! £24.95
Orange Baboon Tarantula WC Well grown on OBTs! Gorgeous spiders, dispite the attitude! £24.95
Red Trapdoor Spider WC One of my favourites, nicely sized bags of attitude! £19.95
Emerald Skeleton Tarantula WC (Ephebopus uatuman) Fantastic spiders, character and colour what more could you want? £39.95
Chille Rose Tarantula WC (Grammostola rosea) Nicely sized, watch this space for sexed girls in the near future £19.95
Vietnam Blue Tarantula CB (Chilobrachys sp. Blue) The webbing these produce is breathtaking! £12.99
Mexican Red Rump Tarantula CB (Brachypelma vagans) Great beginners species as adults, but these are grow your own! £9.99
Giant White Knee Tarantula CB (Accanthoscuria geniculata) Quick growing spiders, pretty as adults. £11.99
Curly Hair Tarantula CB (Brachypelma albipilosa) Fantastic beginners species! £8.95
Brazilian Red And White Tarantula CB (Nhandu chromatus) Grow into a fantastic showy spider when mature! £8.99
Brazilian Black Tarantula CB (Gramostolla pulchra) One of the slowest growing Tarantulas, but definitely worth the wait! £16.99
Trinidad Chevron Tarantula CB (Psalmopeous cambridgei) The new world tarantula, that acts like the old worlds! £7.99
Venezuelan Sun Tiger Tarantula CB (Psalmopeous irminia) Great feisty spiders, still small at the minute £12.95
Schizopelma sp. Veracruz Nice spider, still not that common in the hobby! £14.99
Argentinian Dwarf Tarantula CB (Catumiri argentinese) Nice unusual species! £7.99
Bergandy Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula WC (Theraphosa stirmi) Nice sized, but an awful lot of growing left to do! £100
Mexican Giant Red Knee Tarantula CB (Brachypelma annitha) nice big showy spiders as adults! £18.95
Trinidad Pink Spider CB (Holothele sanguiniceps) Gorgeous spiders! £16.95
Blue Panay Tarantula CB (Orphnaecus sp. Blue panay) Stunning as adults! £22.95
Venezuelan sun tiger tarantula CB (Psalmopeous irminia) past the delicate size and already like greased lighning. Stunning species as adults! £21.99
Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula WC (Aphonopelma seemani) Fantastic docile species, very sought after! £64.95
Singapore Blue Tarantula CB (Lampropelam violacopes) Grow into stunning tarantulas, that rival and surpass Cobalt Blues! £24.95
Togo Starburst Tarantula WC (Heteroscodra maculata) A Great alternative to OBTs a bit more of a subtle but pretty pattern! £18.95
King Baboon Tarantula CB (Pelinobius muticus) Past the delicate size now, but still lots of growing to do! £24.95
Chille Rose Tarantula CB (Grammostola porteri) babies, grow your own Chille Rose! £4.99
Himalayan Earth Tiger CB (Haplocosmia himalayana) Stunning as adults! Another great feisty species! 1-2cm £17.99
Pumpkin Patch Tarantula CB (Hapalopus sp.) Columbian large form, youngsters at the minute, lots of growing to do! £29.95
Thick Legged Baboon LTC (Eucratoscelus pachypus) Excellent fat legged terrors! £24.95

Flat Rock Scorpion WC (Hadogenes troglodytes) Adult pair of these docile scorpions available! £24.95 each
£45 the pair
CB Giant Malaysian Forest Scorpion CB (Heterometrus spinifer) Locally produced young, grow your own! £3.99
Tailess Whip Scorpion WC (Damon medius) I love these guys, creepy yet fascinating! £16.99 each
£30 the pair
Javan Blue Forest Scorpion WC (Heterometrus cyaneus) Adults, beautiful characters! £19.99 each
£35 the pair
Desert Hairy Scorpion WC (Hadrurus arizoniensis) The best scorpion in the world! In my opinion anyway! £39.95
Red Clawed Scorpion WC (Pandinus cavimanus) Great feisty alternative to Emperors! £17.99
Tri-Coloured Burrowing Scorpion LTC (Opistophthalmus glabifrons ) These are one of my favourite species, not as easy to get as they once were though! £39.95
African Yellow Legged Burrowing Scorpion LTC (Opistophalmus carinatus) Nice grumpy species! £19.95

African Train Millipede WC (Archistreptus gigas) Fantastic large handleable millipedes! £14.99

Stick Insects/Katydids/Grasshoppers

Baby Macleay’s Spectre Stick Insect CB (Extatosoma tiaratum) Nymphs of these stunning sticks! £2.50
Giant Spiny Stick Insect CB (Eurycantha calcareata) Grow into fantastic large grumpy stick insects! £2.99 each
£5 for 2
Harlequin Locust CB (Zonocerus sp.) Beautiful multi coloured pet locust species! £4.99 each
£8 for 2
Indian Stick Insect babies, a few weeks old. The most popular stick insect species! £1

African Sun Beetle CB (Pachnoda marginata) Great as pets, tubs of larvae available, grow your own colony! £3.99

More due soon! Enquire if you are looking for particular species!

Other Invertebrates
Jadatzi Albino Land Snail CB well grown on snails! £5.99
Vampire Crab WC Gorgeous little guys, fascinating to watch and easy to breed! Stunning colours! £10.95
Giant Leaf Roach CB (Archimandrita tessellata) Great roaches, look like huge deaths heads! £2.99 each
£5 for 2
Purple Pincher Hermit Crab WC (COenobita clypeatus) Nice sized creatures at the minute with lovely deep purple claws, very popular at the moment! £6.95
Madagascan Hissing Cockroach CB (G. portentosa) Nice mixture of sizes available! £3.50 each
£6 for 2
African Land Snail CB (Achatina sp.) Great pet species available now! £3 each
£5 for 2
Limited time special offer!



Adult Red Eyed Tree Frog CB (Agalychnis callidryas) Fantastic large adults, Stunning! See the photos on facebook! £89
Tomato Frog CB (Dyscophus guineti) Nice youngsters to grow up yourself! £34.95
Squirrel Tree Frog WC (Hyla squirreli) A nice small North American species, keep the same as North Americans, fantastic size for a smaller planted terraria. Rarely bred in the UK, if anyone fancies a go! £13.95
Amazon Milk Frog CB (Trachycephalus resinifictrix) Gorgeous tame species of frog, locally bred babies! £19.99
Golden Sedge Reed Frog WC (Hyperolius puncticulatus) My favourite reed frogs, stunners! Hopefully we’ll get some spawn again before they go! £15.95
Fantasy Horn Frog CB (Ceratophrys X) Unusual colours when they grow up on these hybrid pacman! £49.95
Grays Tree Frog WC (Hyla versicolor) Just like greens to keep, but a bit stockier! £15.95
Red Legged Running Frog WC (Kassina maculosa) Nice big colourful frogs! £24.95
Dendrobates tinctorius ‘citronella’ CB Gorgeous dartfrogs! Way past froglet size! £110
Cuban Tree Frog WC (Osteopilus septentrionalis) The largest treefrog in North America! Massively variable in colour, a great characterful addition to a frog collection, but definitely not a handler!!! £13.95
Costa Rican Gliding Tree Frog CB (Agalynchis spurrelli) As seen on Domonic Monaghans Wild Things on TV, gorgeous relative of the Red Eyed Tree Frogs! £54.99
Green and Golden Bell Frog CB (Litoria aurea) Stunning frogs, these get up to 4.3”! Beautiful! £29.99
North American Green Tree Frog WC (Hyla cinerea) Nice hardy easy to keep species, great for a first time or as a breeding project for the more experienced keepers! £11.95
Amani Forest Globe Eyed Tree Frog LTC (Leptopelis vermiculatus) Beautiful camouflage greens! £29.99
Brown Mantella CB (Mantella betsileo) Silly name for a frog with vivid blue spots on its belly! £34.95

Pevtsov’s Green Toad WC (Bufo pewzowi) Rarely offered species of Green Toads. Potential pair available £24.95
Southern Toad LTC (Anaxyrus terrestris) When they call they sound like a mobile phone, very very cute!!! £14.95
Yellow Bellied Toad CB (Bombina variegata) Great hardy species, nice change to Fire bellies, and not available that often! £14.99
Oriental Fire Bellied Toad LTC (Bombina orientalis) fantastic pet species! £11.95

Salamanders and Newts

Baby Axolotyl CB (Ambystoma mexicanum) Small youngsters, grow your own, a nice mixture of colours available! £15.95
Tiger Salamander WC (Ambystoma tigrinum) Pet mouths, nice large salamanders, very cheeky too! £39.95
Leucistic Axolotyl CB (Ambystoma mexicanum) nicely sized at the minute! £19.95
Adult Fire Salamander CB (Salamandra salamandra) One of the most popular species of Salamander! And fully grown! £39.95
Lesser Siren CB (Siren intermedia) Fantastic aquatic species, look like eels with front legs! £95


African Dwarf Hedghogs CtCB (Atelerix albiventris).

Babies due soon , please enquire as to availabilities!
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New in

Yearling Timor Monitor £275
Phantom Horned Frog £79.95
Adult male Surinam Horn Frog LTC £89.95
African Bullfrog (Adspersus) presumed female £69.95
Malagasy Green Burrowing Frog £39.95 each or possible pair £70
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can i have a pic and details of the garter snakes pls
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Which Garter Snakes would you like information on?

We currently have baby Chequered X red sided left these are feeding on worms, fish and split pinkies.
There is also and adult pair of proven black bellied Garter Snakes they are feeding on fuzzies/small mice.
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New in today
Baby Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoise £175
Mature Male Sanghe Island Black Tarantula (Lampropelma nigerrmium) - enquire
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Intressted in Celestus Warreni skinks.

Do you have pics of the group & any more info?
My Fab Reptilians

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There are photos on the shops facebook page

I have an adult male and 5 of his babies in stock.
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New in today

Chille ROse Tarantulas WC £19.95
Bud Wing Mantids £12.95
Mourning Geckos £22.99 each or £60 for 3
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new pdf available!
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frog , lizard , scorpion , snake , tarantula

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