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Default Indonesian Animals - Pre-order List

Deadline for Pre-orders is 12 noon Friday 4th September 2015

All enquiries and order placements through [email protected].

This wild caught Indonesian shipment is due into the UK around the end of September / beginning of October. These prices are strictly pre-order, prices may be different (higher) if you do not pre-order. Not all animals will be available, please only order understanding that there are no guarantees ***8211; it depends on what the collectors can find. There will be a minimum of 50% deposit required before your order can be accepted onto our system, larger orders may require a higher deposit. Deposits will ONLY be refunded if the animal cannot be supplied and / or ONLY if the animal dies after being with us at our premises within the first 24 hours. These are wild caught animals, caught to order ***8211; they are fresh and generally of the highest health ***8211; this pre-order list is for the experienced keeper to source unusual species.
We can arrange courier service at a minimum of £50 cost.

DWA Species will only be supplied to Dangerous Wild Animal License holders only, we will need to have a copy of your license and your insurance before we can accept your order. These DWA animals are strictly collection only from our store in Darlington ***8211; no courier service.

Acrochordus arufurae Papuan elephant trunk snake £337.50
Acrochordus granulatus Banded file snake £81.00
Acrochordus javanicus Elephant trunk snake sm £101.25
Acrochordus javanicus Elephant trunk snake lge £135.00
Ahaetulla prasina Green vine snake £39.60

Boiga cynodon Dog-faced mangrove snake £87.50
Boiga dendrophila Banded mangrove snake £65.00
Boiga dendrophila multicincta Sulawesi mangrove snake £180.00
Boiga drapezie White spotted mangrove snake £113.75
Boiga irregularis Papuan mangrove snake £90.00
Boiga multimaculata Spotted mangrove snake £112.50
Boiga nigriceps Orange mangrove snake £202.50
Bungarus candidus Malayan krait £125.00
Bungarus fasciatus Banded krait £125.00
Bungarus flaviceps Red-headed krait £517.50
Calliophis bivirgata Blue coral snake £427.50
Calloselasma rhodostoma Malayan pitviper £112.50
Cerberus rhynchops Dog-faced water snake £67.50
Chrysopelia paradisi Flying paradise snake £337.50
Coelognathus flavolineata Black-tailed racer £55.00
Coelognathus radiatus Copper head racer £45.00
Cryptelytrops a. insularis Yellow timor pit viper £450.00
Cryptelytrops albolabris Red-tailed pitviper £87.50
Cryptelytrops fasciatus Sulawesi pitviper £202.50
Cylindrophis rufus Red-tailed pipe snake £50.00
Daboia russelii limitus Timor russels viper £720.00
Daboia russelii sublimitus Javan russels viper £652.50
Dendrelaphis calligaster Papuan bronze back snake £157.50
Dendrelaphis formosus Elegant bronze back snake £101.25
Dendrelaphis pictus Bronze back snake £27.50
Dendrelaphis punctulatus Giant papuan bronze back snake £101.25
Enhydris enhydris Rainbow snake £50.00
Enhydris plumbea Plumbeous water snake £50.00
Gonyosoma janseni Sulawesi racer £337.50
Gonyosoma janseni spp Black Sulawesi racer £427.50
Gonyosoma oxycephalum Green red-tailed racer £87.50
Gonyosoma oxycephalum Green red-tailed racer sm £63.00
Homolopsis buccata Puff-faced watersnake £38.25
Leiopython albertisi Common white lipped python £360.00
Leiopython albertisi Black white lipped python £675.00
Macrophistodon rhodomelas Blue-necked water snake £90.00
Micropechis ikaheka Small eyed koral snake £1,012.50
Naja sputatrix Black spitting cobra £150.00
Naja sputatrix Leucistic spitting cobra £832.50
Oligodon purpurascens Brown kukri snake £101.25
Ophiophagus hannah Java king cobra £720.00
Ophiophagus hannah Java king cobra £450.00
Ophiophagus hannah Sumatran King cobra £1,125.00
Ophiophagus hannah Sulawesi king cobra £1,237.50
Oxyuranus scuttelatus canni Taipan £1,575.00
Parias hageni Hageni's pit viper £382.50
Parias sumatranus Sumatra pit viper £1,057.50
Popeia popeiorum Red-tailed pit viper £337.50
Pseudechis papuanus Papuan black snake £1,012.50
Pseudechis rossignolii King brown snake £832.50
Pseudonaja textilis Eastern brown snake £832.50
Ptyas carinatus Giant rat snake £652.50
Ptyas korros Asian rat snake £54.00
Ptyas mucosus Giant rat snake £101.25
Python brongersmai Red blood python £157.50
Python curtus Black blood python £292.50
Python reticulatus Ambon reticulated python £202.50
Python reticulatus Java reticulated python £112.50
Python reticulatus Sulawesi reticulated python £135.00
Python reticulatus Sumatra reticulated python £112.50
Rhabdophis submineata Red-necked water snake £67.50
Trimeresurus puniceus Puniceus viper £270.00
Tropidolaemus wagleri Borneo wagler viper £292.50
Tropidolaemus wagleri Sulawesi wagler viper £202.50
Tropidolaemus wagleri Sumatra wagler viper £202.50
Xenochrophis piscator Chequered snake £31.50
Xenochrophis trianguligera Triangle keel back snake £38.25
Xenochrophis vittata Indonesian garter snake £26.40
Xenopeltis unicolour Sun-beam snake £42.00

Bronchocela cristellatus Short-tailed agamid £27.50
Bellatorias frerei Major skink £78.75
Bronchocela jubatus Green agamid £27.50
Calotes versicolor Blood sucker agamid £27.00
Cosymbotes platyurus Flying house gecko £16.00
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus Sumatra ground gecko £123.75
Cyrtodactylus fumosus Java ground gecko £35.00
Cyrtodactylus louisanensis New-Guinea walking gecko £112.50
Dasia olivaceus Green sided skink £20.00
Draco fimbriatus Flying dragon £28.00
Draco lineatus Flying dragon £28.00
Draco melanopogon Flying dragon £28.00
Draco obscurus Flying dragon £28.00
Draco volans Flying dragon £28.00
Emoia caeruleocauda Blue-tailed skink £27.00
Gecko smithi Green-eyed gecko £63.00
Gecko vittatus Papuan white line gecko £24.00
Gecko vittatus Mollucan white line gecko £27.50
Gehyra baliota Banana leaf gecko £40.50
Gehyra vorax Halmahera giant gecko £67.50
Gekko gecko Tokay gecko £25.00
Gekko gecko Fancy tokay gecko (assorted - marble, grey, black etc) £375.00

Gonocephalus cameleontinus Java crested dragon £42.00
Gonocephalus kuhli Lesser crested dragon £64.00
Hemidactylus frenatus House gecko £15.00
Lamprolepis smaragdina Green skink £27.00
Lialis burtonis Legless lizard £90.00
Lialis jicari Legless lizard £78.75
Lophognatus temporalis Striped dragon £30.00
Mabuya multifaciata Garden skink £12.00
Pseudocalotus tympanistriga Lesser tree agama £63.00
Ptychozoom kuhli Flying gecko £31.50
Spenomorphus mulleri Muller skink £76.50
Tachydromes sexlineatus Longtailed lizard £8.40
Tiliqua scincoides Blue-tongue skink £213.75
Triblonothus gracilus Red-eyed Crocodile Skink £101.25
Triblonothus novaguinae Casque-headed lizard £90.00
Tropidophorus bacconi Sulawesi spiny skink £112.50
Varanus doreanus Blue-tailed monitor £675.00
Varanus jobiensis Merauke peach-throat monitor £382.50
Varanus rudicollis Rough-neck monitor £292.50
Varanus salvator Java water monitor £135.00
Varanus salvator Mollucan water monitor £180.00
Varanus salvator Sumatra water monitor £150.00

Chelodina parkeri Parkeri snake neck turtle £832.50
Ekseya branderhorsti Side necked turtle £157.50
Emydura subglobosa Red-bllied turtle £450.00
Macrochelodina reimanni Reimani snake neck turtle £1,057.50
Macrochelodina rugosa Snake neck turtle £202.50
Macrochelodina rugosa Snake neck turtle £337.50
Macrochelodina rugosa Snake neck turtle £540.00
Malayemys subtrijuga Snail-eating turtle £180.00

Bufo asper Giant java toad £28.00
Duttaphrynus melanostictus Java toad £10.50
Fejervarya limnocharis Grass frog £12.95
Kaloula baleata Orange patched chubby frog £9.75
Leptobrachium hasselti Spotted ground frog £29.25
Limnonectes kuhli Javan pacman frog £22.50
Litoria caerulea Whites tree frog small £19.25
Litoria caerulea Whites tree frog med - lge £22.00
Litoria caerulea Whites tree frog ex-lge £27.00
Litoria infafrenata White-lipped tree frog £18.00
Litoria nasuta Rocket frog £21.00
Litoria rubella Ghost frog £24.00
Megophrys montana Lesser horned frog £39.00
Megophrys nasuta Horned frog £76.50
Microhyla achatina Sheep frog £12.00
Philautus aurifasciatus Humpback tree frog £30.25

Occidozyga lima Floating frog £9.90
Rana cancrivora Red-eared tree frog £19.50
Rhacophorus margartitifer Big-eyed tree frog £38.50
Rhacophorus leucomystax Java tree frog £18.50
Rhacophorus otilophus Eared tree frog £137.50
Rhacophorus rheinwardti Green gliding frog £25.00
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