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This guy is bonkers

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When handling, cleaning, feeding, assist feeding/shedding or photographing venomous snakes, those of us who aim to do it without ending up in intensive care, perform to exceptionally high levels to mitigate all risks.

I totally lack care and compassion for those who are bitten because they cut corners to show off.
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Even if the animal were harmless he would be showing it a total lack of respect. It’s not a religious prop such as a septa or cross it is a living creature and probably absolutely terrified.

If I were the snake I would have done the same thing.

It is interesting what this church believes. Apparently the bible mentions god protecting his followers from serpents and poison. I am not a religious person but I am fairly sure the bible also mentions not testing gods power.

Would have thought being totally daft with a poisonous animal just for the sake of it would cancel out any protection by a long shot.
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