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Default The best Disinfectant Cleaner i know of is

F10SC Veterinary disinfectant. It comes concentrated at about £14 for 200ml. When mixed with water at highest level recommended (8ml to 1 litre mix) it makes 25 x 500ml bottles. Different brand stuff I used to buy at petsathome cost £4 per 500ml bottle, or £100 for 25 bottles.

It kills bacteria, yeasts, fungi, most reptile viruses + PBFD & Parvovirus, is non-toxic, biodegradeable and 100% Reptile safe.

Don't get ripped off by the petshop disinfectants, find a supplier of F10SC and save loads of money and your Reptiles long term health.

I just filled up my 8th bottle and seems to have way more than 20 bottles worth left !! I use it for complete cleanouts of vivs, food and water dishes, rocks, branches, fake plants, and reptile equipment, oh & containers I bath my Dragons in.

I have no connection whatsoever to the company which makes this product, just want to ensure everyone in this community is aware of this, so the product gets the sales it deserves.
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Agreed- fab stuff!
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Thats all i have ever used.
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It's the only disinfectant used by vets. I use it on all my animals habitats and equipment.
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