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Classifieds Rules & Info
These additional rules apply to the CLASSIFIEDS sections on RFUK.

Please do not make posts that are not regarding the sale, stuff like "I would buy that, but I dont have any money" and "if only you were nearer". Please also do not disrupt sales with unwanted or negative opinions with stuff like "thats nice, but it seems a bit expensive to me" and "I thought I saw one cheaper over there". Please try to avoid chit chat such as "nice snake!" or other personal commentary that is not related to the sale of the animal, and do not bump the advert on behalf of friends. Posts like this may be removed and you will receive a warning. If you ignore warnings, you may receive an infraction. This is necessary due to the increasing popularity of our classified section and free bumps or unnecessary comments make up the bulk of the moderation required in this section.

  • We do not allow any sort of competitions/raffles that give away a live animal as a prize.
  • We do not allow classified ads for weapons, or anything else that could be used as a weapon including air guns, knives, swords and chemical bombs/smoke bombs, please respect a moderator's decision if you are told your item is prohibited.
  • We do not allow copied games/dvds or any other copyright items to be sold including gaming accounts that are prohibited by the company.
  • If you bump your thread excessively it will be locked, not more than once in 24 hours.
  • If you bump someone elses thread with a "free bump" or other comment not relating to the sale your post may be removed and you may receive a warning/infraction.
  • Do not spam the classifieds, only one ad per item please and a maximum of three adverts in one section at once.
  • If you prove to be a consistantly bad seller you will be banned from the classifieds or from the site completely.
  • If you are found to be selling for a member who has received a classified or site ban, you may receive one yourself.
  • If your advert is offering a swap, it must go in the relevant forum for what is being offered.
  • Please do not place general wanted "anything" adverts or wanted "free or cheap" adverts. These will be removed.
  • Please state a price on your item for sale. Please state clearly if it is not for sale but trade only. You can include "offers in the region of £xxx". Please do not say "Contact for prices". You can state the price in any currency as long as you clearly list if the currency is not GBP.

RFUK Rules & Policies
We dont have many rules in force, but we do insist that users of the forum are respectful to our other members and act in a non confrontational and polite way. Please be aware that publicly questioning Moderation decisions is not acceptable or tolerated. If you have a question or grievance regarding a Moderating decision please contact an Admin by email (Contact Us).
  • NO personal attacks against another member. (Instant infraction)
  • NO swearing on the public parts of the forum, including using an * to block out or conceal small parts of a word. We have a censor smiley you can use for the entire word if you feel the need to emphasise something.
  • NO threads advertising sites. This includes advertising facebook pages, groups and other forums.
  • NO signatures that include links to other reptile forums, including facebook groups.
  • NO duplicate accounts, trolling will likely get you a ban. (and yes we will know).
  • NO naming and shaming Shops.
  • Please also note that there may be additional rules in each section, specifically Classifieds, Off topic and 18+. You MUST read announcements / Rules at the top of pages before you use a new subsection.

Infraction Warnings

The system on this forum is used to issue either a warning (yellow card) or Infraction points (red cards), when a certain amount of infraction points have been accumulated a temporary automatic ban will be issued.

Reporting Posts to Moderators
To report a post that you believe violates the forum rules, click on the red and white warning icon in the top-right corner of that post.

You should include a message to the moderators explaining why you are reporting the post and click "Send Report". The mods will then examine the post and decide if action needs to be taken.

Access to Restricted Forums

Access to the Off Topic forums are restricted to registered members. The 18+ forums also has extra restrictions and conditions as listed below.

  • You MUST confirm in your 'Request Reason' that you are 18 or over
  • You MUST have made at least 100 posts.
  • You MUST have been a member of the forum over one month.
  • You MUST conduct yourself in an adult and civil manner. (or access will be removed)

Warning: Do not apply to the 18+ forums of you do not like swearing or nudity!

Any application that does not include or conform to all of the above will simply be dismissed. Please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be approved.

To gain access to the 18+ forums you should visit your UserCP and click 'Group Memberships'.

Signature & Avatar Guidelines

Please do not use any signature that may be negatively affecting forum viewing for other users, particularly large pictures or other images as these affect users with low internet speeds and/or small screen (resolution).

  • A guideline for the maximum size for a signature banner/picture would be approximately 650 x 200 pixels
  • NO Reptile Forum advertisements, including Facebook groups.
  • NO Referral Links in signatures unless previously approved by a moderator.
  • NO large (1mb+) .gif or moving images
  • NO inappropriate language
  • NO adult/inappropriate images

Advertising and Linking to RFUK
Advertising on RFUK

If you have a reptile or exotic pet related web page or business, advertising on RFUK will give you access to a potential 200,000+ unique pet loving visitors a month. So, if your looking to gain brand awareness, get extra sales or promote your products or services you cant beat the exposure that you will get from being shown on the home page of RFUK. please use the 'Contact Us' form HERE.

Promoting and linking to RFUK

If possible please link to RFUK. If you have linked to RFUK, we will link back via the RFUK link directory, feel free to add your site.

The Review / Comparison Shopping Section

Premium Membership
There is now an account upgrade option in the usercp. This is a paid upgrade designed to cover both the hosting costs for the upgraded features and to contribute to future site costs, developments, competitions and other features for RFUK.

The upgrade features are listed below:

  • Picture and Attachment Uploads
  • 50MB Storage available for your attachments
  • The ability to customise and change your user title
  • Increased PM storage limit (1000 messages)
  • Increased picture album storage (500 Pictures)
  • User rank level = 5 Gold Stars
  • Ability to create NEW Social Groups
  • Ability to Open & Close your own classifieds threads
  • Can send PMs to users who have reached their quota
  • Can send PMs to up to 5 users at a time
  • No 60 sec time restriction between PMs
  • The Premium Member Badge
The cost is £0.83p per month.

If you are interested you can subscribe from your UserCP by clicking the 'Paid Subscriptions' link. Please be aware if you wish to end you subscription this can be cancelled from within your Paypal account

Business Membership
The business upgrade allows a second username (if you so wish) to be used along side your personal account, it includes all the benefits of the premium upgrade shown above. The business upgrade also grants access to the shop classifieds which otherwise is only open to current RFUK sponsors or advertisers. The cost works out to just £1.66 per month. If you wish to use a separate account: Once you have created the business account, login and use the upgrade subscription below. To upgrade to a business account click "User Cp" (top left) followed by "Paid Subscriptions" (left panel). You will need a paypal account to subscribe.

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