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Whats the user Reputation all about?

Your forum "Reputation" is affected by a combination of the number of posts you've made, how long you've been a member, but mainly what other forum members thought of your posts. It's represented by a sequence of green (positive) or red (negative) blocks on the right side of the headers to all your posts.

By clicking on the scales icon in the top-right corner of any post, you can add to (or subtract from) that member's Reputation by approving or disapproving of their post. There are safeguards in place to prevent Reputation abuse; you may only make so many Reputation votes in the same day, and you must rate posts for other posters before rating the same user again. And the forum won't allow anyone to add to or subtract from your Reputation over and over again.

What does gray Reputation mean?
A Reputation vote with a gray block indicates that another user attempted to cast a positive or negative "vote" for one of your posts, but has not yet reached a level where his or her votes are counted. Gray votes are neutral, and do not affect your Reputation one way or the other.

New users must be members of the forum for a predetermined post count, and have green reputation before their votes begin to count. Once a new member reaches that level, any previous votes remain gray.

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