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Chris2525 16-04-2019 01:37 PM

Pest fruit flies
I have a Dubia roach breeding colony in a large 80L RUB, which I have with a natural setup, soil, bark, springtails etc. Unfortunately some of my fruit flies for the PDF have got in and are now breeding.
Does anyone know a good way of getting rid of them from the enclosure without tearing it down?
Is there anything else I could put in there that would eat the maggots from the substrate? Any types of worm, beetle or something?
Anything that I could add which would eat the flies and not be worried by the roaches? I did think maybe a few mantis?
I do have a colony of sun beetles if they could be any help?
Thanks in advance,

dps51 07-07-2019 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by Chris2525 (Post 13295029)

hi chris
I make a tub of culture mix up and place the tub without the lid where the flies are at the must and are to many to catch by hand
and leave for a few days the flies will smell the mix and go into the tub to lay there eggs
once you have got as many as you think put the lid on
you now got the flies out and have a free fly culture on the go
this may work in your enclosure in the same way it wont hurt to try it
best of luck

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