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Exclamation Crickets dying like crazy for no reason?

Hello all,

A bit of backstory: I have a female leopard gecko named Phoenix. I have encountered no health problems with her and she is growing normally and healthily. She is now a bit over a year old.

I feed her domestic crickets from, and order 1000 at a time. When they arrive, usually about 100 are dead. Not to be unexpected, I am ordering them online and they get delivered in the cold Minnesotan weather we have here.

I put them in my ~40 gallon bin I use for an enclosure. I keep corn meal in there for them to eat, cucumber to drink, and have a metal grate-type thing on top of the enclosure. On this grate I have a heat lamp that consistently keeps the enclosure about 75-80 degrees. I have 2 torn-up egg crates that I keep on the opposite side of the enclosure than the food and ‘water’. I clean the enclosure thoroughly whenever a new shipment comes in. Every day I remove some dead bodies, and every week I remove as many corpses and as much waste as possible.

However, these crickets keep dying! I feed my gecko about 60 a week, give or take 5, and often I will have to order new crickets in three or four weeks! I need help. I am a novice at herp keeping (this is my first reptile), and am planning on switching to Dubia roaches soon. I have heard that they are better in many ways, so I am going to try them out. If you have any ideas on how to keep my crickets alive, please let me know!

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How big are the crickets you order? They might be too old to keep them for long
Does the bin have proper ventilation? Humidity might be too high if not.

They might get cold while shipping, I'm not sure if the ones that survive can die after the cold period, but I had experience about crickets dying after they have been left in the cold car for night, but there might have been something about them i don't know.
If you order crickets order them in an insulated box if they have this option.
Or try to order from somewhere else

I'm not an expert on crickets, but this is what I've experienced that they have died from.
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Ordering 1000 crickets for a single gecko is crazy.
Crickets do not live very long once adult, even if fed and watered.
I have a small collection of tarantula slings that are kept in a nursery enclosure heated to about 24c. The crickets are also in there and last for weeks.
I would try to get less at a time, you will waste less so will probably save money. If you are buying in 1000 and losing most of them you may as well buy a couple of weeks worth at a time instead.
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