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S.R.A.S. - Article of Association Aims and objectives of S.R.A.S • To create a community of people with an interest in all fields of herpetology based in Surrey, as one is yet to exist. • To become well known within the UK, as a valid organisation for the benefit of the hobby • To provide a forum for reptile keepers both experienced and novice to share information on the subject of reptile and amphibian husbandry. • To improve and uphold the standards of welfare within the herpetological community, through stringent practise of good husbandry, breeding and trading. - Ideally aiming to target substandard pet shop licence holders. Without adequate legal enforcement, the welfare of reptiles and amphibians becomes a matter of self-regulation within the community.
29 2 2 0
02:35 PM
a group for people who live in bedfordshire
32 4 12 7
10:27 PM
A place for reptile keepers from London and the Home Counties to meet, exchange photos, news, advice and build friendships. Perfect for advertising reptiles for "local" collection/delivery.
435 31 72 93
10:22 PM
Just a local group for local people :) If you're living in West Yorkshire, please feel free to join! If you'd like to advertise animals you have for sale in the West Yorkshire area please do - and link to your classifieds thread!
148 16 119 13
07:42 PM
For people who live in the KENT (south east) area, who keep reptiles
128 26 87 20
10:18 AM
This is a group for all fan of reptiles who live in the North East of England. Since im new to these forums i thought it would be a good idea to see and maybe get to know anyone from the North East who has a passion for reptiles.
146 15 75 12
03:44 PM
A place for Reptile keepers in the Surrey area to meet, exchange photos, gain advice/knowledge and build a 'Web' of friends. If you're interested in hearing what we are up to and want to be kept up to date please join us and email [email protected] to register for email updates. or join our Facebook Page called 'Surrey Reptile Club' You can contact us via our website as well at
73 18 38 24
06:26 PM
The group for all those in and around London ^_^ If you would like to be kept updated on upcoming meets, please PM me your email address and I will add you to my mailing list.
97 5 8 17
03:48 PM
A group for reptile keepers in the south west area were we can share pics, advice and help out with more local collection/deliveries for classifieds.
229 11 73 33
12:05 PM
This is a group for all reptile keepers, breeders, enthusiasts or just plain fans. If anybody is one of the above and is located anywhere in the below join us. Cheshire Greater Manchester Merseyside The aim of this group is to help each other with advice on reptiles or where is good to find reptile, food and any aspect of husbandry. Also to see about like minded people getting together for shows and exhibitions (maybe chipping in for a coach if enough are interested), due to the fact that a great many of the reptile shows are much to difficult to get to, to attend.
180 9 40 52
10:51 AM
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