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A group for anyone with a planted vivarium, aquarium or a live substrate.
121 1 8 3
01:01 PM
RFUKs first rodent club! This club is for general rodent chat and advice, whatever you breed and for whatever reason. We'll cover fancy and pet mice, as well as hamsters, gerbils and the more exotic varieties of rodent also! Membership is open to everyone without pre-approval, so please join! As far as I can see, everyone's free to post, but if you're having trouble, let me know!
107 11 43 13
06:54 PM
This is a group for anyone who is a photo whore and loves photos! I know I do! and can spend hours on this site looking through the photo threads & also love sharing my own photos with everyone! So if anyone is the same same join my group hehe :D Vicky x x
93 9 29 0
07:04 PM
as requested by carpy. lol
80 1 9 0
01:03 AM
I would like to start off this group to gather up some people so we can discuss some ideas of how we can support our local animal rescues. Many struggle and not everyone can donate money in these hard times, however I think they do a good job and would love to here some ideas that we may be able to pass on to some of them to help them with there funding. Thanks guys Dixon
65 3 26 0
02:56 AM
a group for people in lincolnshire to join and try to make a meet at some point
61 5 56 17
07:47 PM
as requested... group for you young uns
49 9 26 0
06:23 PM
Victor's Group
16 4 28 0
11:42 PM
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