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Default Animal Ideas and Clear Water

I recently got and set up a small tank with a small pond and was wondering if anyone knows any pets that could fit in that tank. I was also wondering if people knew how to get the water clear. The dirt keeps clouding up the water and I don't know how to get it clean. Thanks! Also I can't figure out how to add a picture so here's a link to the tank.
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I'd like to help if I can but I need a lot more information about your tank. Is it planted? does it have a background? how have you created the pond? is there any running water? what temperatures are you keeping it at? what sort of light are you using / planning to use? what kind of animal did you have in mind?
One thing you must consider is that any pond in a tank with base dimensions of only 30x30cm is not going to be able to maintain sufficiently high water quality for amphibians without very regular water changes and that most reptiles would much rather have the extra floor space than a pond in a tank this size. Without any sort of filtration, and especially if you've created the pond in your drainage layer of substrate, the water will never be especially clear. In time without a lot of water changes the suspended particulates would settle out but the water will still most likely accumulate tannins and become tea coloured.
Generally best practice is to build the environment to meet the needs of a specific animal rather than figure out which animal might survive in your tank - but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can keep in there.
I see this is your first post and if this would also be your first vivarium you might want to consider various insects as inhabitants as these tend to be a little less challenging for beginners than reptiles or amphibians.
That vivarium would be great for certain praying mantids for example.
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Here's a great recent example from this forum of someone creating a geat natural looking vivarium for a mantis in a very similar sized tank.
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