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Old 14-08-2018, 03:54 AM
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Default New flat no pets

Ok so know that not telling a new landlord about a reptile isnt the best thing but where i am its impossible to find a place to accept any pet.

for this reason my Blue tongue had been living with friends for almost 3 years untill january when i found a room in a flat with a lady who was more than happy. so finally got my little man home with me after a long time in a desructive relationship. she said i was welcome to stay as long as i wanted and would always have a home aslong a i wanted it. so i decided to spend all my savings on a custom design behemoth of a vivarium at 6ft L X 2.5FT H X 2FT D. unfortunately even thought she bought the flat the council have said they have to do the ceilings (polystyrene tyles from the 70s are a fire hazard) and she needs my room to store the rest of the flat in while the 6 months expected works happen. so ive had to get a studio flat as no room in brighton is big enough for me and the viv.

sorry for the story but felt the need to explain why im doing it and that for many years i had a home to keep him.

has anyone got any tips on hiding a viv or this size as obviously cant just put in cupboard.

my plan so far is to get a midi sleeper cabin bed and put the viv underneath leave lights off for a day or so he slows down a bit to stop him making noise and add curtains to cover but was also thinking velcro some fake draw fronts on so it looks like a side board or draw unit

anyone done this with such a large viv as im thinking he is to big to put a cover over and pretend its a table
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Old 14-08-2018, 03:59 AM
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couldnt find edit sorry . just for scale the others viv in the first picture is his old 4ft x 2ft so you can see just how huge this one is. i really don't want to down size him again as really dont think thats fair. and after over 550 quid really don't want to sell my new one.
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Old 25-08-2018, 11:26 AM
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Hats off to you for doing everything you can for your pet, so yeah you’re right you shouldn’t be dishonest mainley because if your landlord finds out you’ll have to move or get rid of your pet, you’re kinda in a bad situation in regards to that already, I would bring the viv to your new place and see what happens, worst case scenario your landlord finds out and it’ll have to go back to your friends who has been looking after him for you, but as far as I’m aware landlords MAY do a 3month or 6month general check of your place but if you’re not a cause for concern they won’t bother. If you do get caught just say look I’m clean and tidy I pay my rent on time and this is a temp situatuion, there’s plenty of landlords who will understand, no pets usually is a rule set in place to exclude cats and dogs which have far more potential for ruining the cosmetics of a property or disturbing other tenants.
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