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Default Cleaning/disinfecting second hand equipment

Apologies for the newbie questions , I've tried searching but not seen any appropriately titled threads.

I'm now starting to get a vivarium ready for my first snake. I brought it second hand and it came with a few pieces of decoration that I'm not going to throw away (buying similar new is likely to be in the region of £75 upwards). And whilst I'm sure that the previous owner cleaned everything after they moved to their new vivarium - I'm of the mindset that if I clean everything (again) myself then I know 100% that it's been done. (to clarify - there is no snake in the vivarium at the moment, and won't be for about a fortnight).

The question is how?

I'm planning to give the vivarium itself a good wash down with a very weak bleach solution before wiping down a few more times with just water (and then a spray with the ready diluted F10 just to be sure once that arrives next week - which I understand can just be left on and doesn't need wiping down afterwards but please correct me if I am wrong on that). Is this going to be OK or is there a better solution? I did contemplate using the steam cleaner I have but it's a MDF/Furniture board vivarium and being second hand, it has various holes already and I don't want to run the risk of the steam ungluing the covering the veneer.

The decorations (a nice sized piece of driftwood and a half log),, I'm contemplating soaking in a bleach solution for a few hours, rinse, brush off the any loosened dirt, and then soak in just water to try and leach out/dilute any Bleach that soaked in. (rinse and repeat a time or two). Then leave to dry (may see if i can get them in a low oven to force any water out). Again - any thoughts if this is the right way please? (I'll also be giving them a spray of F10 once dry).

There's also a cork tube. I suspect that this won't take to being soaked (if that is even the right way forward) too well? Will ot be sufficient to give it a good brush (outside and inside where I can reach) and spray with F10 - maybe after a bake in the oven.

Thanks in advance. Again apologies for the newbie questions but trying to do the right things.
Starting on the journey to owning my first snake.

Sorry in advance for any/all stupid questions but then the only stupid question is the one left unasked.

I'm also blogging about the journey along the way -
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