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Default Temp troubles with new ceramic heat in viv.

Hi. A real newbie question...hope this is the right section.
I recently fixed a ceramic heat bulb in my young boas Vivarium. I’m using a dimmer with it. I’ve set it to the max. But the max temp on the floor is only 86. Whilst the ceiling is obviously much higher.
Inside his hide the temp is around 79.
The viv is wooden, 3 foot long 2 foot tall.
Surely the temp isn’t high enough?
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This is because of 2 reasons.

1. heat rises, it will always be hotter at the top

2. CHE, mats, cables and rads all emit long wavelength I-R. These wavelengths release their smaller qty of energy into 'air' rather than 'things' as the sun does with the short and medium wavelengths.

The sun provides us with energy in IR via the projection of the short and medium wavelengths. These deliver their charge into things. This is known as 'black body radiation'. This energy is either then 'used' or in part reflected and/or released back by convection of heated thermals as long wavelength IR which heats the air.

You can either move the CHE and cage down closer to the floor if you have a floor dwelling species or create useful decoration to allow the snake to climb and self-regulate. Or you can use a heat source that provides the terrestrial wavelengths to help push energy down to the lower reaches.
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