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Old 24-06-2019, 06:19 PM
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Default what do you look for?

i am fairly new to the reptile world but thoroughly smitten and i have a beardie and a corn snake. i am also a woodworker, rustic woodwork specifically. i specialise in rustic framing, carving and reasonably decent at turning. i have decided to see if i can turn my skills to the reptile world as thanks to a debilitating nerve condition my old work is impossible for me now.
the good sides to my kind of work are that the frames can be made in a way that slots together so they can be taken apart for cleaning and sterilising. the way i work doesnt have super smooth glossy finishes, more like and undulating textured effect which looks nice and provides texture. i also remove the bark and sapwood (depending on species) which are the main things which attract insects (woodworm and beetles etc). as much as possible i dont use metal fixings which is good for avoiding discolouration and rusting (better for humid environments). i also source my timber from old contacts so all my timber is entirely sustainable, natural and mostly from woods which are managed for conservation purposes. for example my main source is managed as a coppice and with a woodpecker protection grant.
i have made a couple of bits for my own animals so far, a 2 tier frame with ramp, hammock and flat shelf for the beardie, a flintstones style hide for the snake and also a log roll tunnel for the snake.
the next thing i am going to try is a carved out hide as i can get much more internal space than the first attempt. then a climbing tree for the snake which is easy to clean and gives a lot of climbing surface for the space.

so what do you guys look for in a wood hide? for example having a right angle so its fits flush into a corner or a flat to go against a wall. a smooth surface or a heavily textured surface. or any other feature you can think of.
any other things that fit into my line of work that you can think of that reptiles would enjoy.
i am not thinking of making millions of things, just adding some animal products to the things i make and would appreciate some opinions from the experienced owners. any feedback/ opinions are appreciated.
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Old 24-06-2019, 07:42 PM
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I like what you are proposing

Instead of having to buy off the shelf accessories for our critters, having something custom made to fit in the enclosure is a welcome addition to be had. Having something/everything in proportion to utilise space is a good idea.

Get some images put up here for a start for us to get a better understanding of the products you have made already to look at.

Put an item in the reptile classifieds to test the waters advertising items made to customers specifications a speciality!

Will be having to build a custom enclosure for a snake in the near future for a granddaughter and usually make décor myself for the critters needs and have created a hide/pool combo in the past for a snake using insulation board but knowing I could have a natural looking one from wood made is appealing.

As a sideline/hobby I hope you do well with your helpful consideration to others.

Good luck
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Old 25-06-2019, 04:20 PM
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i had not thought of a hide/bowl combo, could well be a good one to try out.

the things i have made so far are very much experiments so they dont look very tidy yet. they are more to see about scale and type of construction.
the one for the beardie is still being messed around with as he doesnt care if things change a bit and we had to eliminate a few angles when he decided to wedge himself in. on the whole he seems to like it though as he can stand in a lot of places and he is always standing up on something when he can.

the snake hide on the right of the picture and the log roll are first efforts but good to be left. i only just got he and all she had in there was one hide a flat rock and some plants. so i made these up so she can move around a bit more while she settles in without being out in the open. she seems to like them so far though i dont like the hide much.

i have a new carving tool on the way which should allow me to make things from solid lumps of wood which will be a lot better. it should mean smooth inside surfaces to make for easy cleaning but much more freedom in shape. the log roll is also a wire linked one so i can bend it into different shapes so it could be bent into a ramp/tunnel/tunnel+wall etc. plus it rolls out flat for cleaning.
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