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Mabrahams 07-07-2019 10:48 AM

Waterfall set up question
I've recently constructed a habitat for a some toads, including a waterfall. However, the water doesn't flow down properly. This is because the pump is too low/ waterfall is too high. However, the pump cannot go higher as the water stops flowing completely, and the material used for the waterfall is too springy to force down. Has anyone got any solutions for this, please?

s6t6nic6l 07-07-2019 01:20 PM

Have you any images or videos to show the issue you're having?

Mabrahams 07-07-2019 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by s6t6nic6l (Post 13306469)
Have you any images or videos to show the issue you're having?

As you can see from the video (if I've uploaded it properly) because of the slanted waterfall the water flows out the back, rather than down it. As I mentioned in the original post, I cant push it forward as it just springs back, and the filter cant be moved too much otherwise it stops flowing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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