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Old 21-08-2019, 08:18 PM
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Default Moisture Resistant MDF vs Marine Ply

I need some advice please! I've drawn up plans for 3 new vivs and I'm stuck on what material to use for the build - Moisture Resistant MDF or Marine Ply. The vivs will be in my front room, in a stack with a cupboard underneath them so it needs to look good.

Which ever I use, the interior and exterior surfaces will be primed & then painted with bathroom paint. The interior will have 3 coats of G4 pond sealant with HA6 silicone and the exterior will have 3 coats of a water-based satin varnish (I don't want a glossy exterior)

So my question is - with all of that prep, will I need to worry about using marine ply to avoid any water ingress? Or will MR MDF work because of the primer, paint and sealant?

Snakes are:

A Boa kept between 55-75%. The substrate is a moist mix of orchid bark, peat and coco husk.

A Royal kept between 50-60%. The substrate is the same as the above but with less peat & husk to make it drier.

A corn snake kept between 40-50%. Substrate is lignocel so I've got no worries here.

0.1 Butter Corn
1.0 Albino Royal
1.0 Type one anery boa
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If your using G4 sealer you'l only need two coats,don't waste money on marine ply as you won't need to use it,any ply with G4 on the inside and seal the corners,no need to paint the outside with it as it's too expensive,varnish the outside like your planning
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Thanks for the input. I’ve never used G4 before so that’s good to know I’ll only need 2 coats not 3. I’ll have a little look at other plys then and see how much they are. Cheers
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