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Question Substrate

Hippty hop,

I'm currently planning an enclosure for an almost full grown year-old Northern BTS and can't decide between a few substrate options. The humidity in the room is already relatively high, so the substarte being "too dry" won't really be a huge problem. I plan on keeping the substrate about 10-15 cm deep.The options iI've gathered:

*Carefresh bedding
To me, using this type of bedding alone sems almost "too soft" for a lizard on the larger side to be burrowing in. This option is the best available and second cheapest but also worst looking. A more available option similar to this would be the type of cutter shavings you use for horse stables (which I already buy regularily).

*Mix of Carefresh/ExoTerra Forest Bark
This would perhaps be a more natural enviroment for the skink to burrow in(?). Either layering it (carefresh in bottom, bark on top) or mixing it evenly (1:1?).

*ExoTerra Coconut Husk (the bag type, not bricks)
This to me looks like the best option even if it tends to be a little more humid. It looks great, they won't accidentaly eat a bunch of it and it's much cheaper than the Forrest bark.

*Mix of Carefresh/Coco husk
This is basically the same as carefresh/forest bark but chunkier (i suppose?) and way cheaper.

Last options:

*Using only 1 of the substrates mentioned above

*Aspen. Aspen shavings/chips have been recomended the most but lo and behold, they're not avaiable to me. I will have to order them overseas every time and it really isn't cheap.

For reference (approximately):
Carefresh 5€ / Kg
Exo Forest Bark 8€ / Kg
Exo Coco Husk 4€ / Kg

So, any views or opinions on this is greatly appreciated, and do correct me if I've gotten anything up-side-down...
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