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Question Will a few ppl pls post some pics or there scorpion setups?? Need a few ideas lol

Basicly wot it says in the title i need a few ideas for my new emperor scopion viv?
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Hey there,

I don't have any great pictures, but I can tell you how I kept mine. These are very simple, hardy arachnids that don't require masses of space or elaborate cage decor. I kept my m/f pair in the largest plastic fish tanks you can buy and half filled with compost (make sure it's pure and doesn't have any added chemicals to help plants grow). I then added half a plant pot and a small piece of bark. A heat mat was place ON THE SIDE of the cage, at the back, (this is important, as they like to dig and if the heat mat is under the cage there's the potential for them to cook in the soil).

I've never found these plastic tanks much good at keeping the humidity up, however, one little trick I've learnt in my invert years was to place the lid in a plastic carrier bag, or to place a sheet of plastic between the lid and the tank. Simply pop some holes in the plastic to allow some air flow, and hey presto, you'll be able to keep the humidity up very high. I also drilled some holes in the sides of the tank, to prevent the air becoming stagnant.

And to be honest, that's about it. There's no need to light the cage because they shy away from it- however, if you really want you can place a black light in there and they will glow their famous fluorescent green. Mine lived very happily in this enclosure, producing lots of young. If you want them to bred, just place a flat stone or some slate on the floor of the viv, and they will use this to deposit sperm onto when mating.

Hope this helps

P.S. In picture below, the pair were housed in the blue-lidded tank.
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