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Originally Posted by jarry View Post
wow amazing and interesting...its true that no human can create such an amazing natural environment for animals..

But we will keep trying!
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Some very amazing photographs
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Originally Posted by trw View Post
hi, ive noticed on the forum that alot of people like to try and make their reptiles vivariums as natural as possible, but not many people actually know what the real natural habitats of their pets are like, so i thought it would be a good idea to make a thread where people could post pics they have taken of reptiles found in the hobby in their natural habitats and photos of the landscape and maybe a description to help people to make their reptiles homes as natural as possible.

ill start of with some tokays in malaysia.

there was 5 tokays living in the wall together and this was in an area passed by tourists everyday. there were also tokays living in tree cracks and hiding behind roof trusses.i dont know what type of plant it is growing on the wall, but it was everywhere. there were also lots of ferns and wild ginger plants at the base of the wall. also there was a type of plant called localy "touch me not's" which close there leaves up when they are touched and these plants were like grass there.

i have a few more photos of the area, but they are on my dads computer so i will upload them later.
There amazing creatures great thread thanks a lot !
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Default Malagasy Snakes: Hognoses, Boas and Leaf-Nosed

Hi there, great thread!

I worked in North Western Madagascar (Matsedroy, Mariarano, Mahajanga and Nosy Be) with Black/Giant Hognoses, Blonde Hognoses+ Ground and Tree Boas. I unfortunately never saw leaf-nosed snakes however my colleagues found them in the same areas.

I've posted some photos below to show you where I came across them. The ground was incredibly dry, orange clay so not what is advised for vivaria of what I've seen. It was a humid and hot temperature (~30 degrees Celsius at lunchtime in their winter by the equator).

The pictures are not great however I hope they help/are interesting

I've also included the link to my blog where you canf ind all of my photos from my trip to madagascar with a range of landscapes, herps (crocodiles, chameleons, lizards, geckos), insects and birds:

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some nice natural habitats
but don't show a lot what is living there
snakes lizards frogs spiders so where are they
they all can not be hiding
I don't think I can get a elephant living in my living room
never look down on people only when you are helping them up
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