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Default New viv build (pic heavy)

This has been 5 months in the making, it's taken me so long due to other commitments, birthdays, Christmas and the care of the other animals I have. As a 'build thread' this one is going to suck as I backtracked once or twice to make alterations to my design, plus I sometimes got carried away and forgot to take pics at each stage, oops!

I also think I may have made the viv a little too big! this also isn't my first planted viv, I learnt alot from my first one and hopefully not made (too many) stupid mistakes.

Anyway, here goes

The viv is 3x2x3 (lxdxh) and is a wooden viv but has been sealed with yach varnish, aquarium grade silicone sealant around the joints and then lined with perspex just to make sure.

I also lined with pond liner on the bottom (on top of the perspex) just to be triple sure as the base does contain water.

Jumping ahead a little (told you i sucked at remembering to take photos ) the soil is now in which also contains a drainage layer separated by weed membrane which is suspended off the base of the viv a few inches using egg crate, I left one corner bare to allow for some rocks to create a little pool area and the bamboo creating a little waterfall using a external filter/pump. The waterfall isnt on at all times, my aim was for it to be occasionally turned on to help with humidity.

Also, the rocks are used to hide the egg crate in that area that was laid vertically and to prevent the pool area being too deep, even though the water is only about an inch deep anyway!

I'm rambling! more pics

Starting to decorate

Arcadia lighting fitted, I went for twin t5s, a 6% UV and a plant pro (not sure if that was the right choice or if i should have gone for the tropical pro) and using a ceramic for heat.

Some of the plants, which are in no particular order, a fern (forgot which species), Calathea, Peperomia Clusiifolia, Cordyline fruticosa, Ceropegia woodii, Peperomia puteolata, Chamaedorea elegans. I hope I put enough research into the plants, fingers crossed I don't kill any of them!

Plants and leaf litter in

More plants taken with my excellent photography skills some Tradescantia this time, though again, I forgot which species.

One of the few things I would change differently is put in the thermometer/stat cables before the background, though I'm thinking of a few ideas to conceal these.

I also think it needs a few more plants on the sides to create more cover and to fill it out a bit, perhaps a few broms and some creepers/climbers possibly some airplants too.

Currently I have no inhabitants other than springtails, I have some dendrobaena worms due to arrive and I'm considering moving my millipede into this viv too. The main occupant however, will likely come later in the year.

Sorry for the huge thread
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R.I.P Sandy
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looks really good, what you hoping to put in there later in the year.
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Originally Posted by mitsi View Post
looks really good, what you hoping to put in there later in the year.
thanks hoping for rhacodactylus leachianus if i can find a breeder, though i fear the viv may be too long, may have needed to be 2x2x3. I have a spare faunarium and a small viv too in case the gecko isn't big enough to begin with
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R.I.P Sandy
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Nice work, well thought out!
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