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Old 22-10-2013, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by wezza309 View Post
well it looks no different today so not sure what too do will try next week with my bro he has a few ideas i just have am not sure what to do ????

Tom you said it may be too cold so will have to bring the viv in house too varnish i guess any other tips or ideas
I'm just guessing as really I haven't a clue. Never had any problems myself. I've had cloudy patches where the varnish sits thickly in dips. My guess is this is what's happened with yours if it isn't to do with temp. I'd suggest rubbing it down to remove the patches and revarnishing really thinly in an area. See if it dries properly, if so then you know what was wrong.
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Old 08-04-2014, 08:21 PM
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Ok I final got this all painted back up ( had a few other projects and no time and my brother was competing but back on track now ) I am just up to putting the varnish on and was after someone's ideas on this .
As I had a reaction to the pollyvine I was planning on using ronseal yacht varnish but its only satin so to get a matt finish could I put two coats of the pollyvine matt varnish on after as the two coats of ronseal will seal it and the two coats of pollyvine will give the matt finish
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Old 30-05-2014, 12:45 AM
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well here is the last few pics thought some may like a look and tell me what you think that whole thing had to be repainted due to the problem with the pollyvine

thats what it looked like with the 2 coats of ronseal satin yacht varnish ( 3 coats in high walk parts ) looks so wet but bone dry

this is what it lookes like with 3 coats of pollyvine dead flat over the top
i had the metal plate powder coated which is screwed to the base of the log

this is what i am using for a heat lamp i tried a few other bulbs which were lower wattages but this seems to get the correct temps also shorter in depth

and this is the finshed viv all working i am happy with it she seemed ok so much she had a poo in it with in 2 hours lol

she seems happy like only a beardiecan lol
reptile-inks leds starting there night time cycle

full night time blue set at 100% i have since turned this down to 25%

I have the white leds come on 1st in the day. then i have the heat bulb come on its on a dimming setting on a prime 2 .i am using a second channel of the prime to turn a arcaida t5 on, after 6 hours this turns off. the heat lamp on and slowly dimmes off after 2 more hours leaving the led's to be on the white setting then slowly turn blue ( the 3rd channel of the prim2 will be used for the lepoard gecko i am planning on putting above ) i will be tweeking the settings again in a week or too
any comments ?

a big thank you to volly for the viv, reptile-ink for the brill led kits also the infomation that tom cannon and arcaida john has given me over this long winded build
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Old 25-09-2018, 09:32 PM
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The last of these heat bulbs have gone and they seem to be very hard to get hold of now. Any one have any ideas or recommendations ?
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beardies viv , volly vivs

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