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Wink Olde Member - saying goodbye

This sub-forum is labelled as - Introductions - The place to say "Hi" if you're new - well, I'm gonna turn that around and use this post as an exit.

I joined this forum 2 days after buying my first snake (sold to me with a 'life-time' viv that was about a third the right size and also completely the wrong substrate). My next snake was sold to me by a different shop with a mat but no stat, and a light bulb with no guard. So, I had a few things to correct from the get-go. Despite that shaky start I still consider some reptile shops to be fabulous places (the trick is finding the right ones!).

This forum has been a valuable resource and through it I've met some great people in real life. I've traveled great distances to collect snakes, taken on a few challenges, put one snake out on breeding loan, and swapped a few snakes. I've also seen some stunning set-ups and in most cases the parents of the snakes I've bought. While far from expert I would not have been able to breed the 3 species I bred without the help of the people generous enough with their time to share their knowledge. That willingness to share and discuss is invaluable, please don't stop. I only hope that I have in some way done my bit by sharing my own first-hand experiences with y'all.

Earlier today (Sunday) the last of my snakes were collected/re-homed as I need to take a break from the hobby for a couple of life reasons. This included a snake from the first clutch I bred (he popped out of egg #2, and I still have the egg). At the moment I view this as a fairly long term and possibly permanent break?

I will always remember the day I decided that my king snake was so cool that he would totally understand if I fed him by hand and not with the tongs - and that was my first (and last) feeding bite! With very little pride I can admit to being nipped on the fingers, hand, knuckle, and forearm... and a couple of weeks ago on the belly! All the face strikes have missed. Clearly those snakes loved me very much indeed.

The biggest mistake I made was migrating from my initial "all vivs" set-up, to "a bit of viv and RUBs", and then to "all RUBs". Dumb decision - dumb move. I am still a big fan of rubs and they have their place "for certain species at certain times in their life" ... but they are a very poor substitute for a proper set-up. Stop making excuses.

This will probably be my last post. PMs will continue to patch through to email as I'll keep in touch with a few people on here.

Thank you very much for keeping me absorbed, educated, and inspired ...
Former snake keeper
Former breeder - Trinkets (C.helena) + Florida Kings (L.g.floridana) + Bamboos (O.p.coxi)
Now taking a break from the hobby
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