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Old 06-01-2010, 03:30 PM
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Default Service Update

Livefoods despatch has been suspended until weather improves - we are currently under a foot of snow and no lorries are getting in or out to to us,

the livefoods backlog - all of you waiting on livefoods from the xmas holiday will be pleased to hear we got the last of the backlogged orders into the sorting office last night - our lorry got stuck at the bottom of a steep hill and is now stuck in a ditch and we had to walk home but that was after we made the drop off at the sorting office so please expect these livefoods to arrive over the next few days,

Hardware backlog/ courier orders - there is still a bit of a backlog on hardware orders we are approx 3 days behind at the moment these are being packed today and will be cleared as soon as the weather permits a lorry to get into to us to get them out of here!

Aopologies to anyone who has experienced a slower than usual service from us this xmas, due to a bad combination of a 20% off sale with xmas holidays, severe weather and lack of a decent transport system that can cope with snow its been a complete nightmare!

Cold livefood advice - if you have recieved a delivery from us and you are concerned as the livefoods are dead please leave them in a warm room overnight before contacting us as they are most likely just dormant due to the cold.

Thanks for your understanding
Neil Reed -
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Old 07-01-2010, 07:41 PM
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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Service update

As you are probably aware we have had to suspend our service, we are currently under 12" of snow, no lorries are able to get to us to deliver anything and no lorries are able to get out to get things moving, so heres a update to the situation as of Thurs 7th January 2010.

All livefood orders and subscriptions were sent on Tuesday night, we stopped packing livefood orders around Tuesday lunch time - so if you ordered on Tuesday your order may not have been sent.

we have a backlog of hardware orders dating back to the 30th December at the moment, we are packing them as and when we can and sending them as and when we can,

So whats all the fuss and whats causing all the problems....

Well we had a huge backlog of orders from the xmas holidays which was supposed to be cleared this week, why did we have a backlog? because it was xmas we were on holiday so were the couriers and royal mail (couriers and royal mail dont work on bank holidays!).

This has now been compounded by the big freeze as The Royal Mail and our couriers are unable to get to us, this means nothing can go out...

Also we have the problem of the extremely cold weather - so why dont we use heat packs and send everything next day delivery? The heat packs are not effective against these low temps and all next day services have been suspended by the royal mail and all national couriers - they will not guarantee a next day delivery.

what are we doing about it? we are still packing hardware orders and piling them up ready for when they can be collected.

If you have a livefood subscription i advise you visit our subscriptions page here and cancel your subscription..

The subscription payments are automated and payments are going to continue to be taken even if we cant send anything, TO AVOID THIS please cancel your subscription and re-subscribe once service resumes.

The weather outlook doesnt look good with the freezing weather predicted well into next week. but we are playing it by ear and hoping for the best.

If you live localy to our Showroom please come and buy some livefoods - we are currently doing an offer of buy one get one free on all tubs of livefoods priced at £2 each, we need to sell all of our tubbed livefoods stock by Monday or else it will have to be binned.

If your livefoods do arrive and you think they are dead please please do your best to revive them, 4-5 hours in a warm room can work even if they look totally dead. WE CANNOT CLAIM ANY INSURANCE for these dead on arrival livefoods and are replaced entirely at our expense so a little understanding and effort on our customers behalf to revive them as best as possible is greatly appreciated.

Please please please dont contact us unless its important - We are working on a skeleton staff and having to answer telephone calls that go along the lines of "I ordered last night and I am snowed in so really need these livefoods" does not help. Nor do e-mails asking when your order is going to be despatched - as we dont know - when the couriers/royal mail turn up we will load their vans - but we dont know when that will be.

If your livefoods are dead - just send us an e-mail (please dont call us), state your name, address, order number or state that it is a subscription and please say that you have allowed them time to revive. we will resend them, as and when we can - please be patient.

Advice for getting by without food - ok so dont panic, most lizards if in prime health can go for a month without eating - obviously thats not ideal but "gex" will not drop dead if he doesnt get his crickets this week, nor will he starve to death by missing a weeks food. You could try and get some food from a nearby pet shop - be aware though we supply pet shops and we are in touch with other companies that supply pet shops and they are in the same situation so dont be suprised if the pet shops dont have any in yet. If you have a bearded dragon - now is a good time to get it used to eating veg! or try the dry pellet food, we also sell canned insects that most lizards will eat with a little enticing.

If you are one of the less understanding people who have been sending us irate / angry / borderline abusive e-mails and are waiting on a refund - please bear with us we are refunding as and when we can (in between answering irate / angry / borderline abusive e-mails and phone calls, packing parcels, digging our lorry out of a snowdrift etc etc etc )

A little perspective - ok so a lot of people may think its the end of the world because we cant send out livefoods at the moment, I personally have been cut off from my 3 yr old son for the past two days as he has been snowed into a relatives house he was visiting a few days ago. And accross the country people have lost their lives so although its frustrating its not worth getting angry about.

Thanks for reading and please keep an eye on our blog for updates


Neil - Livefoods by post - Director.
Neil Reed -
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Old 08-01-2010, 11:42 PM
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Some positives today...

I managed to repatriate my son (borrowed a 4 x 4 !)

We managed to recover our lorry from the ditch, - just incase you ever have to do this i must warn you digging a 3.5 ton lorry out of a snowdrift with one set of wheels in a ditch is not fun!

Louise packed nearly all of the hardware orders today on her own - they are ready to go as soon as royal mail get here (when?)

We have cleared a decent sized roadway down to our packing unit and showroom to enable local customers to get in and delivery lorries etc to get down to us. - Another note digging out 50ft of driveway covered in 6-12" of snow and ice with a spade is also not fun (B&Q had sold out of shovels!)

Our Courier - APC came to us in a 4x4 pick up and took some parcels, obviously not as many as need to go but its a start.

Still no sign of the Royal Mail???? - Royal Mail where are you!!! we haven't seen you since Tuesday - surely you must have cleared some snow by now, surely your vans are out and about by now! Royal Mail come back we miss you! 2 out of 10 for effort guys and girls.

Looking forward... Its going to be another extremely cold week, theres going to be some more snow, we will send out your orders if you want us to - but at your own risk and as and when we are able to do so....

we have agreed with another company that we work in co-operation with that they will send out orders on our behalf next week if need be, they are outside london so we have a good back up plan in place!

I will be personally e-mailing all customers who have a livefood order held up at the moment to find out if you want us to send it at your own risk or not - i will be doing this saturday and sunday.
Neil Reed -
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Old 15-01-2010, 11:06 AM
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Default Service back on!!

The weather has turned here the last of the snow is melting and the met office are predicting above freezing temperatures for next week,

The Royal Mail have reinstated the next day delivery guarantee,

Courier networks are still reluctant to lift their next day guarantee block, But I think that by Monday they should be ok again.

So we are giving the green light for Monday and will resume full normal service on the 18th January.

Subscribers - Please Re-subscribe - And check your previous payments if you have a payment taken where you havent received any livefoods please let us know via e-mail, list the paymnet amount and date and we will refund for you,

Frozen Orders - those of you waiting on frozen, these will be despatched on Monday.

Refunds - Those waiting on a refund - these are continuing to be worked through and should be complete by today,

Thanks everyone for being understanding during the bad weather.
Neil Reed -
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