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Default Red Sided Skink care sheet

name: red sided skink (mabuya striata)

where are they from?: red sided skinks are found mainly in the east of africa.

appearance: they have the 'skink' look about them, with a pointed snout , a large neck , and thin long tail , sharp claws for digging and climbing , and a large body , they can grow up to 8 inches long , they are a normally a browny colour , with a redish stripe along the side (hense the name)

in captivity: they settle in very well , they are a hardy species , which i try to avoid to handle because they are rather fast aswell! , there viv should be set up to resemble an open woodland , with plenty of plants and logs , a soil like substrate is recomended as this species likes to dig , temperatures of around 30c during the day and 20c at night is suitable for this species , they will eat crickets , mealworms , waxworms , and the occasional pinkie (baby mouse) , i have even heard that they will eat quail eggs.

all in all i strongly recomend this beautiful animal as a pet it may be a bit scared at first but they are a very pretty and fascinating creature

0.1leopard gecko = spinky

0.1 berber skink = mango

0.1 whites tree frogs = steve
0.1 giant african millepede
R.I.P irwin my lil whites tree frog
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hi i'm new to the forums and got what i was told was a red sided skink but am unsure could you post a pic of urs please. And your not talking about fire sided/bellied skinks are you?
Thanks alot
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could do with a little more info
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