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You are to modest sal
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Arboreal animal shouldnt fall, Not something to worrie about. I have to agree with the softly softly touch that salazar is going on about, I keep monitors not iguanas but the approach is very much the same. Positively reinforcing you as good thing and not a predator with food, with monitors you get nowhere with them without this approach. I personally have got a baby sav at the min that ive had for nearly 6 months that I have never handled, at first he jumped down his burrow every time he even heard me, now he comes right over to me when I approach the enclosure. Enclosure can never be too big for big lizards the only thing I can say about that if it was insectivorous you would have a hard time getting food to it but it isnt.
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firstly, This is GREAT!!! Listen to the man

Secondly, no the viv of fine, decorate it well and keep external stressors as low as possible and it will have the very best chance in life, well at least the best chance that you can give it, diet wise,

don't underestimate the importance of hydration, use the misters well from top to bottom


Originally Posted by Salazare Slytherin View Post
A properly furnished up enclosure, a baby iguana should not fall, at all! if they did I think your talking about a one off freak occurence (happend to my girl a few years back) but genuinley was my own fault for not securing in a branch properly, we were moving and dates kept getting missed around so I was trying to balance just being ready to up and go, to having the enclosures liveable for the iguana.

Other than that, I have never seen an iguana with proper climbing furnishings, and things to climb on fall.

Here is a juvinile I have been working with recently in rescue.
He is doing well.

This is my own baby enclosure.

And Albus being a big show off.
Here is his own personal space with more of the plants added in.

Just a quickie to show you what I mean, they will come to you without grabbing them.

It's all about slow introductions, and letting it go at their own pace, it is about what is best and works for the individual opposed to what works better for us, if it takes more than a year of working with them, then it takes more than a year, if they are more bold, and semi chilled, see it as a bonus.

Another young who began associating me through good routine.

This was one of the first videos I ever made, only went on youtube recently.

And another young one.

My point is, they come to you when they are ready and trust you enough based on how they have perceived and observed you for a period, nice slow deliberate movements, just being mindful of how they see the world, they are vegetarian, it makes them a top food source for many, they haven't survived the last 137 million years + by trusting things
It does take time, and it does have to go at there pace, to have them thrive, and come to you.

Even my big male territorial iguana, who is far too big to do the arm climbing now, has his days when, (when he isn't trying to kill me) he comes up and sits across my knee (all on his terms) and then he goes back to his enclosure.

That is what I want to see in my animals, the trust, recognition, and the ability to feel safe and thrive.

No problem with your enclosure at all.
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