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Old 27-01-2017, 04:01 AM
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Unhappy 1 year old beardie has changed eating and pooping habits

Hi..I have a 1 year old beardie. His name is Jasper. I noticed that his eating and pooping habits changed in early october.

Well, until this summer, He used to eat crickets, but then he gave up on them once I offered him some superworms. Would not touch crickets again. So I started giving him superworms as a staple. Then I introduced him to hornworms ( just a couple per week as a treat), but now he refuses to eat his superworms. I bought butterworms and he wont eat those either. He eats very little veggies too. He stopped eating that in september, early october. He probably eats 1 or 2 superworms per day. Sometimes not even that. I also noticed that his pooping routine changed, which is no surprise since his eating changed. He used to poop every single day, then it went to every couple of days. Now its about every 2 weeks.

Is t his normal?? Im new to having a beardie, so im sure. He is still very active and only sleeps at night. The basking side of his tank is 100 and the cooler side is 80. I live in Nova Scotia,Canada...so I did notice that at the time his eating and pooping habits changed, it was right when our temperatures got cold. he has never went into brumation, and has not shown any signs of it.

Any suggestions?
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Old 27-01-2017, 10:51 AM
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Can you run through your set-up?
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Your basking spot is too cold and should be around 110-115. this may explain his lack of interest in food coupled with the colder weather.
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Old 27-01-2017, 04:18 PM
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Sorry i missed the last para. Agree with Debbie, how you measuring that?
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bearded dragon , not eating , not pooping

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