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Default New Enclosure For Green Iguana

Hi all, I recently acquired a 7 year old female Iguana who was kept with 2 x T8 lights and one ceramic bulb for a basking spot, at some point in her life she has also lost part of her tail which has grown back but is more of a club than long & slender.

She came with a 6ft x 4ft x 2ft custom made hardwood viv though only about 4.5ft of the height is usable due to a cabinet underneath. The walls have had plastic stuck on which isn't in the best condition.

So far the first priority was to buy her a new Arcadia T5 D3+ unit, 2 x Arcadia Deep Heat Projector bulbs to widen the basking area and run off a new Microclimate Evo Lite so that I can provide a temperature gradient for Night, Dawn, Day and Dusk.

Next up has got to be upgrading the size of her enclosure and I have a spare room where I am planning on building something along the size of 8ft x 6ft x 6ft . I am planning to construct the frame with 3x2 timber and use OSB Board for the walls, I will use the two glass doors from the existing viv in the new enclosure, these are 32" tall and 44" wide overall.

I would be keen for any advice regarding the build from people that have built this kind of enclosure before, I was intending to use several coats of a water based varnish on the inside of the viv and then seal the corners with an aquatic silicone.

Also looking for ideas for the bottom of the enclosure, suitable plastic bath ideas and the best way to provide easy drainage? I was thinking of using a 12v inline pump to draw the water out, I'm guessing trying to filter it would be a no go. The plan was to first line the bottom with pond liner so that a natural substrate could be used.

I have access to plenty of Oak trees that need pruning, the idea was to use these to create as natural an environment as possible, she currently has a couple of branches and a shelf, is a shelf really required in the new enclosure if plenty of branches are available for her to move freely throughout the thermal and light gradients?

Any pics or idea's would be gratefully received, would like to get it right first time around and give this magnificent creature a great home to live in

(Sorry for the long post)
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Sent you a PM. Relating to the photos, I have to direct you to a couple of sources for that.
I did make a thread at one point but for some reason the pics are no longer on it.

You certainly dont have to have a shelf but sometimes they are easier to provide as iguanas prefer to sit or perch horizontally, as long as the;alpha perches are positioned horizontally and they can self expose themselves to the UV and intercept decent heat they are not required. I use both in my current main enclosure as it is just easier for me, but in some I don***8217;t

You can decor the lower level with multiple horizontal perches and diagonal and maybe some vertical, this won***8217;t just increase the utiliseable space but should allow for more selection in UV intensity interception etc. I would personally position a 14% dragon lamp above the front roof plate and position a large branch almost diagonally across the front at a minimum distance of 15 inches away, and then either a 12% d3 + central across either your high shelf or branch at the top.

I haven***8217;t used the deep heat projectors yet, I use either MVBs, PAR 38 floods at my basking points, but I probably will try them at some point, to me it just makes more sense to have a brighter area for basking with animals like this though, for sure much easier said than done with larger lizards And even heat spread.

Everything else sounds good. Just keep in mind that it is not just about the dimension of a space, but in how you make it useable to them, iguanas are very lazy in my experience and if I did not stimulate or place food on the floor occasionally, by big male would never leave his high shelf.
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