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Default back to basics!

Hi guys and gals

Ok heres the thing is i am moving my vivs round and have new stats to put in so thought now would be a good time to check some basics.

How are these temps?

Bearded Bragon hot end 100f cool 88f night time 70f
CWD hot 90f cool 88f night 80f
leopard geckos hot 90f cool 75f night 65f
chameleons hot 105f cool 90f night 75f

Also where do you guys put the probe at thge cooler end or the hot end?

I must add that the temps above where recomended by a pet shop and seem to check out on line just double checking as i'm re wireing everything a bit later.
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beardie should have a basking temp of 100 - 110 having the area around of about 90 and a cool end of about 80-85 any hotter than this they wont be able to cool down enough and will never be able to avoid the heat night time temps can drop as low as 65 although 70 is a good temp. chams have a basking spot of 90-105 and there average through out the day temp of 80 and 70 at night.
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