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Old 16-02-2018, 09:17 AM
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Exclamation Pregnant or Overweight FEMALE

I need help ASAP! I have a strong feeling that my female leopard gecko is pregnant! But i do not know for a fact that she might actually be. She is not impacted since she is pooping just fine... I keep checking her to find the said "visible fertilized eggs" on her belly but I don't see anything like that. I don't know if she is just super fat and obese or if she is actually gravid.. Hellllp
She has been very chubby all her life but now i can feel an extra weight.
She was also housed with a male accidentally for a while and I separated her from the male when I noticed mating behavior.
I don't want to leave her egg-bound .. But I also don't want to make a laying box and an incubator for no reason.. Helllp

Regarding this thread, I need professional help.. Can you tell by the images presented here.. If my gecko is or isn't pregnant?
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Now if you can tell me that for a fact she is 100% pregnant.. Please give me a Step-by-Step list of what to do next. How to incubate eggs or tell they are fertile.. Give me a step by step list of information what to do with the hatchlings.. And please provide me with a list of places or websites were I can sell baby geckos and at what age. Pleaseee
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Old 16-02-2018, 11:45 AM
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She does look like she's holding eggs, but honestly I've not seen a gravid gecko quite like that. Depending on how long she's been like that I'd be getting her to the vets. She's far too large which makes me think that she could be egg bound in which case she'll need injections /surgery. Your concern right now should be getting her to lay and not with incubating and hatchlings.

She needs a lay spot, especially if you know she was with a male. A tub filled with a moist sand soil mix is a good start, but I'm doubting that she'll be able to lay them naturally looking at the size of them.
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My first thought is no, but they could be eggs. Hard to tell from the pics. They could also just be fat deposits.

Feel the lumps, are they solid? Can you feel a solid lump there or is it just squishy.

Lots of info out there on leopard gecko egg laying and incubation, do a quick google search and read up on it. Might not be a bad idea to put a lay box in her tank just in case. You can google that and find out how to make one.
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